Bartercard Otago
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Welcome to Bartercard Otago

Does your business have excess stock or downtime you want filled?

Since 1992 we’ve been in the B2B industry and during that time, we have grown to over 32,000 cardholders from industries and businesses across New Zealand and Australia.

Our extensive network of buyers trade over $150m every year and that number continues to grow. Bartercard is designed to help businesses gain new customers and conserve cash to reach your full business potential. Our Otago team will work with you to grow your business and turn downtime into a viable asset.

Here are some of the benefits Bartercard can bring your business:

  1. Gain new customers
  2. Grow your business and improve your cash flow
  3. Move your excess stock or idle inventory
  4. Expand your product range
  5. Improve your lifestyle