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People taking part of business networking event

Establishing and Maintaining Business Relationships

Despite the allure of complex sales techniques and advanced negotiation strategies, the bedrock of a company's success lies in fostering positive connections. The qualities essential for success in business mirror those crucial in personal life. Rather than polished sales tactics,…
November 28, 2023
Young businessmen and women meeting and brainstorming on brand ideas

The Importance of Building Brand Authority

Building brand authority has emerged as a powerful strategy to establish credibility, trust, and influence within the market. Where consumers are discerning and competitive industries thrive, brand authority plays a pivotal role in differentiating businesses and fostering long-term success. What…
November 8, 2023
Customers and staff busy in a clothing shop
Business tips

How to Make Money on Your Clearance Sale

Many business owners think a clearance sale is just a way to cut your losses, to finally rid yourself of stock that you’ve given up hope of turning a profit on. Fortunately, however, some strategic thinking can help you turn…
March 30, 2021

Make marketing a full time job

Your brand is the sum of many parts, and most of them are based on perception. You are more than welcome to spread any information about your company that you'd like, but if your actions and public persona disagree with…
July 12, 2016