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Group of businesspeople smiling and talking with each other

The Importance of Networking for Small Business Owners

Networking provides a valuable platform for small business owners to establish mutually beneficial relationships, exchange information, and tap into new opportunities. Building a strong network of contacts and connections in today's highly competitive business landscape has become a fundamental strategy…
July 30, 2023

The benefits of offering a customer loyalty program

Customer loyalty is what every business strives for. To have loyal customers who support you, promote your brand, and keep returning with their friends and family is the ideal scenario for any business, no matter what product or service you…
April 8, 2021
Man swipes card through eftpos machine

How Bartering Can Kickstart Your Business

Bartering can be described as an act of trading goods and services between two or more parties without the use of money. Barter trading is beneficial for companies that see a mutual benefit in exchanging goods and services instead of…
January 27, 2021
Business tips

Top Tips for Upselling in Person and Online

The art of upselling is one of the most effective tricks to increase sales. It’s a strategy used to convince customers to buy a better version of your product or service or make an additional purchase without planning to beforehand.…
December 20, 2020
Two warehouse workers speaking about inventory wearing hard hats and high vis gear

Inventory Management Tips for Small Businesses

Inventory management is an important aspect of starting a small business. It allows you to gauge business profitability, track supply, and manage your stock without exhausting more time and money than you have to. Though it may seem simple, good…
October 5, 2020
Shipping containers stacked together into a grid

Keys to Successful Inventory Liquidation

Excess stock is a familiar challenge for all retailers. It's a common issue, and excess inventory problems can arise due to a number of factors out of your control. Market trends change, and demand forecasts sometimes don’t pan out. Whatever…
September 17, 2020
Small business owner checks digital marketing campaigns on various devices

What Every SME Should Know About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a complex arena to navigate, whether you’re a seasoned marketer or an old school small business owner. The landscape is constantly changing. More and more suppliers everyday join an ever-growing list of online advertising providers, which…
September 9, 2020
Young businessman confidently charting business growth

Four Areas to Focus on When Investing in Your Business

It's not enough to blindly throw money at your business. Investing in the right areas is critical to sustaining business success, and precisely targeted investments are even more important during the tenuous recovery from the COVID-19 lockdown. Consider these handy…
July 16, 2020