Bartercard Cards

To find where you can spend your trade dollars, please visit and login with the last 8 digits on your card, and your personal name on the card. If you are a Gift Card holder you can access all Bartercard Members around you by going to  Bartercard Search is like Google Maps – you can navigate to Bartercard members which are near you.

If you’re using your Bartercard with an EFTPOS machine, you need to swipe the card, choose ‘credit’ and press enter. You will then be asked to sign the receipt.

The Bartercard Blackcard

The Blackcard is our top tier card presented to Bartercard members which rewards top level trading, loyalty and promotion of the Bartercard exchange.

The Bartercard Blackcard can be rewarded either for the level of lifetime trading or for the level of spend in the previous financial year.


  • Traded in excess of T$5M (lifetime membership) and a Bartercard advocate
  • Traded in excess of T$500K for the previous financial year (annual membership) and a Bartercard advocate

Premium features and benefits:

  • Advance on trade dollar sales (group of accounts) T$50,000-T$100,000 *
  • Exclusive invitations to Bartercard events
  • Exclusive offers
  • Invites to our Bartercard Top Trader functions
  • Managed by a specially selected trade broker
  • Advanced notice of new members joining in your region
  • Complimentary carousel promotions on Marketplace once a quarter
  • Complimentary Trade Show stand every year

* subject to credit criteria


The Bartercard Platinum Card

The Platinum card is presented to members who have traded a minimum of T$300K or more than 1500 transactions in the previous calendar year.


  • Fee payments for all Bartercard accounts to be paid on time (minimum of 10 out of the past 12 months)
  • Have a current business offering goods or services into the network
  • No unresolved conduct related fair trading complaints.
  • Only directors (and their partners) of the qualifying business will be eligible for a Platinum card, all other cards held on the account will retain their current cards
  • Platinum cards are issued each January based on results up to, and including the previous December
  • A business must qualify each year to retain their Platinum card status
  • Qualifying criteria is reviewed yearly by Bartercard New Zealand, and the card status assessed and adjusted accordingly.


The Bartercard Gold Card

The Gold card membership is available for those members who have traded more than T$50K per year.


  • Cardholders must have been an active member for over seven years and maintain a good standing within the network while trading fairly
  • Fee payments for all Bartercard accounts must be paid on time.


The Bartercard Green Card

The Green card is given to all new Bartercard members.


Gift Cards

Ideal for one off staff incentives, prizes, gifts or bonuses for non Bartercard members.

Gift Cards can be purchased for amounts between T$100 & T$500 and are valid for 12 months and can be spent the same way as any Bartercard card.

How to Order:

The process of obtaining a Gift Card is quick and easy to do, simply download the Gift Card form here and submit to your Trade Broker. Gift Cards can be used within 24 hours of submitting the order to Bartercard.

Already have a Gift Card?

To find where you can spend your trade dollars, please visit This will give you access to our Online Directory of members nationwide, and ideas of where to spend your Gift Card.

If you’re using your Gift Card with an EFTPOS machine, you need to swipe the card, choose ‘credit’ and press enter. You will then be asked to sign the receipt.

Please Note:
Gift Cards can only receive funds once. If you are looking to make regular payments please ask your Trade Broker about a staff card or expense card.