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Marketing automation, growth marketing strategy concept. Digital marketing automation tools used for all in one, email marketing, social media, customer journey, pricing, advertising, and loyalty.

Maximising Your Marketing ROI

In today's economic climate, every dollar counts, especially for businesses striving to make the most of their marketing resources. Wasting time and money on hit-or-miss campaigns is simply not an option. It's crucial to plan and track your marketing efforts…
March 24, 2024
Salesperson turning a knob to select customer retention strategy instead of acquisition.

New or Returning Customers: What’s Your Focus?

Customers, new or old, are crucial for running a successful business.  However, while all types of customers are equally important, their distinct characteristics require different marketing strategies.  Understanding these differences is essential for effective resource allocation and strategic planning. New…
February 26, 2024
Business planning message box window graphic

Business Succession Planning: Preparing For The Future

Succession planning is crucial for any business, especially for family-owned enterprises transitioning from generation to generation.  It encompasses a range of estate planning tactics to ensure the business's continued success even after the original owners retire, pass away, or decide…
February 13, 2024
A luxury hotel room

Selling Excess Inventory

In the cash economy, to sell excess stock, a business would typically apply a discount, run dealer promotions, or write off excess stock as a loss.  Bartercard helps companies put inventory, equipment, and employees to good use, converting downtime and spare…
January 17, 2024
2024 plans with a vision of digital transformation and strategy, marketing over view concepts, business team and goals

A New Year: Business Growth & Strategic Focus

For businesses, a new year signifies an invaluable opportunity to embrace growth, adaptability, and innovation. The challenges of the past few years have fortified Kiwi businesses, providing the resilience needed to navigate uncharted territories. As the pages turn on the…
January 9, 2024
Young woman stretching body while working with laptop computer at her desk home office.

Take a Break

In the last decade, the landscape of the business world has undergone significant changes. Factors such as lockdowns, remote work, and hybrid learning have impacted both businesses and families. Small business owners, in particular, have faced challenges, with some forced…
December 14, 2023
People taking part of business networking event

Establishing and Maintaining Business Relationships

Despite the allure of complex sales techniques and advanced negotiation strategies, the bedrock of a company's success lies in fostering positive connections. The qualities essential for success in business mirror those crucial in personal life. Rather than polished sales tactics,…
November 28, 2023
Closeup of economist using calculator while going through bills and taxes

Commonly Forgotten or Overlooked Business Expenses

Running a business involves managing various expenses to keep operations smooth and profitable. While business owners are often vigilant in tracking major expenses, some costs tend to slip through the cracks, leading to financial discrepancies and potential compliance issues. Managing…
November 22, 2023