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Why Wouldn’t You?

Sales Guarantee

Bartercard generates new customers for your business

In fact, we are so confident in our ability to do so through the Bartercard community that we make you this promise:

If, after the first 12 months of joining, you have not received a minimum of $5,000 (trade) in sales through your Bartercard account, Bartercard NZ will credit your Bartercard account (in trade dollars) with the difference between that amount and your actual sales.

In order to qualify for this guarantee, you will need to have done all of the following:

  • Openly listed your Bartercard account for the full 12 months
  • Made all cash fee payments in full and on time
  • Made the best effort to trade with the appropriate use of all tools available to Bartercard members to generate sales

This guarantee can be redeemed during the 30 days following the completion of the first 12 months since receiving your first card issued for your Bartercard account. Any application made prior to, or after the expiry of, this period will be solely at the discretion of Bartercard NZ.

To join, give us a call 0508 BARTER (227 837)