Bartercard Auckland
Building 3, 61 Constellation Drive
Mairangi Bay AUCKLAND
Ph: +64 9 414 6854

Welcome to Bartercard Auckland

The Auckland team brings a wide range of experience and knowledge across the business, who are dynamic and charged ready to go!  The team is constantly striving to bring the best and fairest trading opportunities to its members.

Lauren Bielby – Branch Manager

Lauren is a mother of two who consistently strives to work hard, play hard and never stops learning.  She’s not one for sitting and doing nothing so brings a mountain of energy and determination to the team in order to grow and develop herself, her team and her clients.  Lauren forges meaningful relationships and has little time for people who are negative or who want to pull you down. Culture is a massive focus for Lauren and believes they have a strong culture within the team and as a whole within Bartercard and that is one reason why she’s been with the business since 2014.

Angie Le Roux – Business Development Manager

Angie is a passionate and loud South African born, half-blooded Italian! Her full name is Angelina Zaira le Roux, but she likes to go by the shortened name Angie – short and firm as she says.

As the veteran of Auckland’s team, Angie brings a wealth of experience, responsibility and a strong, honest work ethic to the team.  She has a proven track record in almost all of the related fields of communications, marketing and customer service which have afforded her many tangible qualifications.  Angie loves to talk and thrives to make a difference in people’s lives.   Having worked on both sides of the service-provider sphere, Angie has gained the confidence and compassion to connect with her members on a greater level.

She was once told “Stay weird and wonderful, but always objective. Because only then will you make a difference in the world.” It did not make much sense then, but it has worked somehow for Angie over the years.

Amit Das – Key Account Manager

Amit is an award-winning experienced Key Account Manager with a demonstrative history of working in diverse industries including financial services, telecommunications, Sky TV and electricity. He is a target-oriented individual highly skilled in service delivery, team building, management, sales, marketing, customer retention and telco. Amit has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the Manukau Institute of Technology and since joining Bartercard in 2014, he has gained immense knowledge about deal-making and building relationships with a variety of customers.

Since he’s been with Bartercard, Amit has been awarded Runners up Trader Broker 2016, Trade Broker of the Year 2017, Runners up Key Account Manager 2019, Deal Maker of the Year 2019 and Runners up International Trade Co-Ordinator 2019.

Jane Entwistle – Business Development Manager

Jane is originally from the UK, but she has lived in NZ so long that she calls herself a Bri-wi!

She started her career at Bartercard over 20 years ago, this gave her a great foundation for working in finance, and she went on to be one of the top Personal Bankers at the Bank of New Zealand before becoming one of the top Business Bankers. She loves to help others to achieve their goals and is naturally inclined to help people with their businesses and financial situation.

After working hard for so many years, she decided to explore the world and has many travel tips for New Zealand and overseas.

Spending time in Norway, she learnt to speak Norwegian and is happy to help any businesses looking to do business in Scandinavia. Whilst there, she missed helping people, so she set up a holistic weight loss and wellness centre in Oslo. Through her own entrepreneurship, she understands the challenges and demands of being in business for yourself. When the pandemic hit, the business was doing well, so she decided to sell up and return to New Zealand.

Jane is full of energy and has many interests, in particular, she races a Celica in tarmac rally and is building her own tiny home on the Hibiscus Coast.

She cares a lot about people and you can always count on Jane to brighten up your day.

Jak Jessop, Business Development Manager

Jak is a young and enthusiastic individual born and bred in Queenstown.  He was brought up with a strong focus on the hospitability industry, with his father owning many restaurants and being a part of the Bartercard family for the past 20 years.

A stint of just under a decade of living in Dunedin, attending both John McGlashan College and Otago University, allowed Jak to become an open-minded, dedicated and independent individual.  His ability to show resilience and create great, long-lasting relationships comes from his experience of working many late nights in Queenstown restaurants!

Jak is passionate about sports, especially basketball, tennis, and rugby.  His interest in classic cars keeps him eager to make to most out of whatever challenge is thrown his way so one day he can potentially have the pleasure of owning one.