Bartercard Auckland
Building 3, 61 Constellation Drive
Mairangi Bay AUCKLAND
Ph: +64 9 414 6854

Welcome to Bartercard Auckland

The Auckland Branch is one of the biggest teams within Bartercard trading across New Zealand.  The team is constantly striving to bring the best and fairest trading opportunities to our members.  The team is driven and focused with many personalities that bounce perfectly off each other to give a balance and an edge with our clients.

The team of seven brings a wide range of experience and knowledge across the business, who are dynamic and charged ready to go and all of us love been a part of the Bartercard New Zealand family.

Lauren Bielby – Branch Manager

Lauren is a mother of two who consistently strives to work hard, play hard and never stops learning.  She’s not one for sitting doing nothing so brings a mountain of energy and determination to the team in order to grow and develop herself, her team and clients.  Lauren forges meaningful relationships and has little time for people who are negative or who want to pull you down. Culture is a massive focus for Lauren and believes they have a strong culture within the team and as a whole within Bartercard and that is one reason why she’s been with the business for over six years.

Andy Ngyuen – Account Specialist

Andy is passionate about business and helping business owners to improve and grow their business, income as well as lifestyle and personal goals.  He joined the business in 2016 and feels that Bartercard provides a great opportunity to be part of an enormous community of businesses.  In his role, Andy helps businesses to perform better and be more efficient by reducing idle capacity whether that’s products or services.

Andy is also known for his ability to help identify and implement key technology and process improvements.  His specialties include financial analyses and modelling, feasibility studies, sales and marketing and operational management.

Nathan Erihe – Account Specialist

Nathan loves being located in Head Office, Auckland and the buzz it brings.  He lives life to the fullest and strives to deliver professionalism, authenticity and product knowledge to his Bartercard customers; endeavouring best practice and keeping our exchange fair, resulting in happy customers!

Nathan loves his family, friends and his two dogs which keep him busy, and believes that a healthy and balanced work/social life is key to happiness!

Dija Poonawala – Account Specialist

Besides being a doting mother of two, Dija loves travelling, painting and believes that her role in this stage call ‘life’ is to someday get out there and be there for people who don’t have enough or merely have anything.

Dija is tenacious, positive, honest and a customer centric person who goes beyond and outside the square when it comes to business. She loves dealing with people and is passionate about what she does.  Her professional mantras are ‘win –win for everyone’ and ‘growth’, and applies these to everything in her working life, whether that’s her clients, her work or professional relationships or herself.  As Albert Einstein once said ‘“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Angie Le Roux – Account Specialist

Angie is a passionate and loud South African born, half-blooded Italian! Her full name is Angelina Zaira le Roux, but she likes to go by the shortened name Angie – short and firm as she says.

As the veteran of Auckland’s Magnificent Seven,Angie brings a wealth of experience, responsibility and a strong, honest work ethic to the team.  She has a proven track record in almost all of the related fields of communications, marketing and customer service which have afforded her many tangible qualifications.  Angie loves to talk and thrives to make a difference in people’s lives.   Having worked on both sides of the service-provider sphere, Angie has gained the confidence and compassion to connect with her members on a greater level.

She was once told “Stay weird and wonderful, but always objective. Because only then will you make a difference in the world.” It did not make much sense then, but it has worked somehow for Angie over the years.

Amit Das – Key Account Manager

Amit is an award winning experienced Key Account Manager with a demonstrative history of working in diverse industries including financial services, telecommunications, Sky TV and electricity. He is a target oriented individual highly skilled in service delivery, team building, management, sales, marketing, customer retention and telco. Amit has a Bachelors in Engineering from Manukau Institute of Technology and with more than five years of experience of working with Bartercard, he has gained an immense knowledge about deal making and building relationship with a variety of customers.

Since joining Bartercard, Amit has been awarded Runners up Trader Broker 2016, Trade Broker of the Year 2017, Runners up Key Account Manager 2019, Deal Maker of the Year 2019 and Runners up International Trade Co-Ordinator 2019.

Michael Burger – Trade Consultant

Michael is South African born, loves health and fitness, living life to the fullest and is very family orientated. He joined the business in 2018 and is passionate about trading, loves the benefits that business owners gain through trading with alternative currencies and putting deals together.

Michael comes from a customer service background and is determined to find ways where everyone can work together and realise their goals, he strives to go above and beyond and loves getting to know how he can help businesses identify how they can improve their lifestyles.