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Build a business community

Build a Business Community with Bartercard

A strong network is essential for a successful business. Business networking creates invaluable connections and paves the way to attract new clients and referrals, broadening your scope.

Join Bartercard and build a community that propels your business to success. We are New Zealand’s largest business community with tens of thousands of cardholders. Bartercard, not only gives you access to a unique market of buyers and sellers, but its regular networking events also provide a forum where you can build invaluable relationships across nearly every type of industry.

The benefits of this membership are endless. You get to establish your brand, form profitable business relations, and generate new leads. Mixing with industry leaders will also give you some great ideas for your business. With Bartercard, it’s all about making the right connections. And we are helping you do just that!

Bartercard is a highly effective platform to create brand awareness, obtain extra revenue with access to a new market of customers, and create lasting business partnerships. Attracting extra sales through Bartercard also leads to referrals in the cash economy – it’s all part of the membership.

Broaden business relations and become a Bartercard member!

Business networking allows you to gain access to opportunities that you might not be able to find on your own. With Bartercard, we offer networking opportunities for you to introduce your brand to a community of other professionals and entrepreneurs, form partnerships, and gain insights into different fields. Most importantly, foster a trade of ideas to sustain lasting and charitable business relations based on mutual trust.

When you join the Bartercard ecosystem, it will help you to:

  • Generate referrals
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Raise your profile
  • Widen your sphere of influence
  • Obtain insight and become an expert
  • Help other businesses
  • Increase confidence
  • Make new friends!

Expand your business community and form invaluable connections. Become a member today!

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