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Discover a Smarter Way to Finance Your Business Growth

Interest-Free Business Lending with Bartercard.

Are you tired of the challenges associated with securing a business loan? Bartercard offers a simple solution: an interest-free line of credit designed to empower businesses like yours to thrive without the constraints of traditional financing.

Bartercard’s interest-free line of credit allows many members to cover the essential start-up costs of their business. Members can invest in revenue-generating expenses such as marketing and advertising, interior fit-outs, equipment, larger premises and extra storage space sourced through Bartercard’s cashless network. Bartercard’s interest-free line of credit is offered as a cash-alternative currency that comes without the interest rates of a business bank loan. It’s paid back by selling your products and services through the Bartercard community.
Explore how Bartercard can transform your business and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

Get More Leads

With Bartercard, you gain access to a wide range of businesses, giving you increased visibility. Attract more customers when you need them. Say goodbye to traditional lead generation methods and hello to a dynamic network of new clients.

Grow Your Business

Our platform isn’t just about getting more leads; it’s about fueling business growth. By joining Bartercard, you’ll not only increase your sales but also enhance your cash flow, allowing you to reinvest in your business and take it to new heights.

Increase Cash Flow

One of the unique features of Bartercard is the ability to buy and sell your products and services at full retail price in trade dollars. This means you can conserve more cash in your business while still enjoying the benefits of increased revenue.

Become a Bartercard Member and receive an automatic Interest-Free Line of Credit* to use immediately to help grow your business and attract new customers.

Requesting an interest-free line of credit is simple. Just fill in our quick form below to kickstart your journey towards business success.

What our members say

I’ve been having heaps of fun searching all over the country and I’ve found lots of members I can trade with for our business and for our home renovations. The Bartercard search app is awesome, super-fast and always on you, where ever you go - give it a go, you may be very surprised at who you will find.

Janette JellymanHot Copy

The bRewards points are a bonus and running a go-kart centre petrol is a premium. I can’t buy it on Bartercard but I can buy petrol with bReward Points. The more businesses we get involved the better it is for all of us I say so make sure you introduce a few mates. If we all do that spending Bartercard just gets easier. I’m really happy to be involved because it’s like a club for business owners.

Wayne ScottAction Kart Raceway

I think some accountants may not understand the system, so perhaps finding an accountant that is involved with Bartercard may be a good idea. We have been able to give our clients a lot of unique ideas on how and where to spend their Trade Dollars effectively. On average each year we earn and then effectively spend at least T$50k respectively. These are sales and purchases we would not otherwise have if we were not on board.

Doyle TrinhBest Tax Ltd, Auckland

We have used Trade Dollars for a huge range of items, from sign writing the cars and office space, to billboards, radio advertising, client gifts, restaurant vouchers and so much more. This has really helped me to preserve cash flow by allowing me to spend Trade Dollars on business expenses.

Shaun CosgroveHarcourts

We primarily use our Trade Dollars for accommodation when the [Waikato Chiefs] team is touring, team manager expenses, functions and events, sponsorship events, operating expenses, and some capital expenditure. Bartercard has really helped us to preserve cash where we've needed to, and it's a great support network for other charities and organisations looking for sponsorship.

Kate ShirtcliffSponsorship Manager Waikato Chiefs

As owners of a food/confectionery manufacturing business, a gift basket business and a newly added café, Bartercard is and has been of substantial benefit to our business over those years. Rather than having to spend cash, we were able to utilise our trade dollars on a range of products and services which were usual cash spends, these included tradesmen for R&M, equipment, packaging and packaging supplies, gift baskets and contents for gifts baskets.

Linda BryanRococo Café/Cottage Fare Ltd

In the time I’ve been a member, I’ve seen increased trade from corporate clients who have now become regular customers, and an increase in nationwide clients, which I would not have had exposure to within the cash economy. Bartercard has provided me with the opportunity to showcase my business while building my awareness of NZ sourced products, and how diverse the range of trades and services are within the Bartercard community.

RozWaitara Floral Studio and Gift

Being a part of Bartercard has expanded our customer reach into Palmerston North and also further afield to Whanganui – people are prepared to travel because we’re on Bartercard, but in turn they recommend us to cash paying customers which has helped our cash flow. Purchasing the wine in bulk on trade has significantly increased our cash profit return. One of our goals was to further expand by creating a purpose-built function room, and this has been made possible in a relatively short space of time and earlier than planned by using the cash we’ve preserved thanks to trade dollars. Thank you, Bartercard, the power of your network is incredible!

Jenni MayAmayjen Restaurant, Feilding

My business has been a Bartercard member for over 10 years and during that time we’ve used trade dollars to help build the business by saving cash (which we can then set aside for cash only expenses – IRD, rent, rates, insurance etc).

Margaret FraserAllure Nails

Bartercard trading has increased our business both locally and out of Taranaki clients. We have been able to purchase many services for our business with Bartercard, therefore not having to use up valuable cash flow. Bartercard has been very useful for personal use. I always encourage all business owners to look into Bartercard trading. Bartercard has been very good all round for our company.

Michael EagerR J Eagar

We are a local charity supporting kids with disabilities to reach their full potential, and we are so proud to have the backing of Bartercard NZ. As the naming sponsor of our 2022 Gala Dinner, they raised $41,000! We love our local Bartercard community too - it's a great way to network and keep our local businesses connected and flourishing.

Renee ManellaConductive Taranaki

I knew a restaurant come bar owner who was doing things a bit tough. He knew I was in Bartercard so I entered his details online and my Trade Broker went and saw him. He joined that day and called me to thank me for introducing him. I am sure you can guess where I booked my next family dinner out!

Wayne ScottAction Kart Raceway

Thanks to Bartercard and the power of the network, we’ve hooked up with some fantastic people that not only affect our business and income in a very very positive way but are helping communities in remote islands and I’m sure it’s not going to end here. A huge thank you for making me really fall in love with Bartercard.

CarolinePixies Pet Resort

Being a part of the network is great for advertising. We can quickly get promos out to the members to help us fill available appointments or last-minute cancellations. We also find the trade shows are beneficial in enabling us to turn over our stock and promote the business out to a wider market.

Margaret FraserAllure Nails

As a business owner, Bartercard has provided us with extra income when needed as well as exposure. Every business has spare capacity from time to time. We, as business owners, would always work hard, for ourselves, but we also want to make sure our staff always have work to do rather than sitting around doing nothing and still getting paid. This channel has been great for us and many others that we know of. As long as you treat this the same way as any other bank account, I believe you will have many benefits being a part of the Bartercard network. I highly recommend that business owners have a close look, do all the homework you want, talk to Bartercard, and have a crack at it.

Doyle TrinhBest Tax Ltd, Auckland

Being a member has certainly had its benefits. I've experienced opportunities that I wouldn't normally have had - building a network of suppliers and tradespeople that I have won business through and reciprocated business with as well. Harcourts has secured clients that we may not necessarily have gotten if we hadn't been able to take a portion of their deposit with Trade Dollars. You can't ask for more than that!

Shaun CosgroveHarcourts

I can categorically say, joining Bartercard has been the best thing we could have done. Being a part of the network has really opened up opportunities for the restaurant and allowed us to realise a dream sooner than expected. Having an interest free line of credit meant we could use trade dollars to facilitate the building of the restaurant and pay for things such as plumbing services, furnishings, Eftpos terminals, and now we’re open, we use trade for purchasing wine which is a big expense for us (as well as other consumables, products and services).

Jenni MayAmayjen Restaurant, Feilding

Bartercard has given us the opportunity to source and pay for products on Trade, that we otherwise would have been paying for in cash. Coffee, alcohol, cleaning products, electricians, marketing collateral, meal ingredients, you name it, we can buy it through the network. We even utilise Trade for staff incentives and bonuses; a win-win. Thank you, Bartercard!

Michael BennettTusk Thai Restaurant & Bar

We spend our trade dollars on rubbish collections, computer R&M, we get the studio lawns mowed, we have fresh flowers weekly for our reception area, we advertise in the local free newspaper. Our stationery is printed using trade, we make charitable donations, we take drawings using trade and provide staff incentives. All our studio promotions are done using trade dollars – if it can’t be purchased on trade, there is no promotion!

Margaret FraserAllure Nails

Having the Bartercard Marketplace to promote your goods is a great platform. The Online Team send out the promotion, and the sales come flooding in. Without Bartercard, I wouldn’t have the additional income (even in the cash economy). It’s all surplus to my cash business, and I wouldn’t change it. I also receive amazing service from my Trade Broker, Debra. She has always been there for our business and goes above and beyond. She provides fantastic customer service, something that is hard to come by nowadays.

Chris JonesRoof Coaters

Our primary purpose for using Bartercard is our manufactured products, such as our archgola-style canopies and shade sails. We’ve found Bartercard gives us an edge when competing for work, and we’ve secured many good contracts from out of town simply by being a member. Bartercard is the best of both worlds. We find it fits in well with our cash contracts, while helping us conserve cash by allowing us to spend our trade dollars on business expenses. Being a part of the Bartercard network has undoubtedly had a positive impact on our cashflow.

Terry KnaufElco Canvas

Our long-standing business had been a food & confectionery factory, manufacturing predominantly fudge and other associated products, with a small factory shop. The dream had been to grow the business into an integrated factory & café and retail shop with a higher profile, to increase our reach to a direct customer. Without Bartercard, we would not have been able to achieve this. With the interest free line of credit, we were able to pay for a large amount of the expansion costs on Bartercard. Thank you, Bartercard!

Linda BryanRococo Café/Cottage Fare Ltd

We have a great relationship with Radio Rhema who we supply promotional gifts to every couple of months, the goods get shipped to Auckland and it’s a great way for us to be able to move excess stock. Admittedly it’s taken me a little time to get used to purchasing and spending through the exchange but I’m fortunate to have a great Business Development Manager who has helped me find a good balance of trade and cash. I’ve also been able to treat myself and use Trade Dollars for personal drawings which is always a bonus!

RozWaitara Floral Studio and Gift

Bartercard has a long-standing relationship with the Waikato Chiefs through our Sponsorship scheme. Bartercard has allowed our organisation to approve capital expenditure projects based on a portion of that expense being purchased on trade.

Kate ShirtcliffSponsorship Manager Waikato Chiefs

Over the years we have seen a steady increase in customer traffic with very little effort on our behalf – we put this down to being a Bartercard member and being exposed to a network we wouldn’t have had if we were just in a cash business. We make it work for us but being in this industry we haven’t found it difficult. Bartercard has allowed not only the business to thrive but it’s allowed us to grow.

Linda BryanRococo Café/Cottage Fare Ltd

As a business owner of multiple businesses and an accountant by trade, I would highly recommend any entrepreneur to have a go at this. Perhaps for most people the first year may be the hardest, trying to figure out how this works within your business, where to spend and on what etc. We were the same. But if you were to sit on the fence then you will never know. I have met so many business owners that have been in the system for years, 10, 20 years and longer. If the system doesn’t work, why would they stick around for that long?

Doyle TrinhBest Tax Ltd, Auckland

I joined Bartercard NZ in 2014. I had been a member while I was in the UK so had a good knowledge of how it worked. When I moved back to New Zealand and set up a new business here, it was the ideal opportunity for me join the network - straight away it gave me immediate access to businesses I wouldn’t necessarily have had exposure to in a cash environment. It also helped me preserve cash, which was so important to me in the early days as I was able to purchase many items using trade dollars, i.e., telephone system, accountancy (huge bonus), printer/cartridges, accommodation when visiting new clients/prospecting. It’s good to have an accountant on board who understands Bartercard, and better still be a member, but it’s not difficult - transactions occur the same way as cash purchases.

Russell HerdWorking Feedback NZ Ltd

I've met some really interesting and exciting people via the Bartercard network who have already helped me grow my business beyond what I thought it would be when I started. It's great encouragement when you have a network such as Bartercard supporting you, particularly when you work for yourself, and something I would recommend to any small business owner.

Joanna LehndorfLoveSkin Ltd, Auckland

The biggest area of success is we’ve been able to branch out from NZ to conduct beauty therapy training in Rarotonga three times a year! We use the trade dollars to cover expenses such as accommodation, car rental and dining which saves us cash which we invest back into the business to build up the contacts and courses. We have also partnered with a resort spa in Raro who a Bartercard member and they also purchase products from us. This is a win-win.

Margaret FraserAllure Nails

I joined Bartercard in 2014 and have found the network is a great community where I can use Trade Dollars to purchase stock and everyday business items such as Eftpos rolls, receipt books, first aid kit, staff gifts, display items, uniforms, signwriting and promotional items, as well as on repairs and maintenance.

RozWaitara Floral Studio and Gift

It’s been a long time coming but I finally spent some Bartercard dollars in Queenstown recently showing a friend from Las Vegas around and we had a blast. The Axis Motel is fantastic. We had incredible food and wine at the Lakeview Restaurant and had an awesome time River Boarding with Sam and Neil at the Seriously Fun River Boarding - even though the river was freezing they’re just a lot of fun to hang out with. Thanks!

Kevin BiggarMotivational Speaker, Author, Adventurer

One of the best business decisions we have made was joining Bartercard back in 1998. Aside from helping us to secure more customers, we’ve been able to make the most of an interest-free line of credit and improve cash flow.

Michael BennettTusk Thai Restaurant & Bar

The network allows us to save cash when buying materials, tools and equipment, and handling staff expenses. The extra work Bartercard brings in helps keep our workshop busy which means no downtime!

Jen BiggsHeretaunga Collision Repair Centre

During our time as a member, Bartercard has helped us to increase cash flow, attract cash business, and create customer loyalty. Just one phone call and Bartercard makes it happen.

Michael GrayBuzz Café

Eight Ways to Attract New Customers with Bartercard

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