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Expand your product line

By adding new stock to the mix.

To attract new customers and keep them coming back, sometimes you need to add something new to the mix.

Adding stock or a new service to diversify your product line can be a great way of up-selling whilst being seen as adding value. Walk into any gym and you’ll most likely see energy drinks, water bottles, towels and protein bars to supplement your workout. A mens clothing store specialising in business shirts may also sell cufflinks and ties to complement their stock, adding convenience for shoppers who can buy everything they need at one location. But purchasing and maintaining stock lines can be a burden on cash flow.

Bartercard members have the option to purchase products from other Bartercard suppliers with trade dollars at wholesale or retail rates, adding stock which they can on-sell in the cash or trade economy. This gives members a way to expand their product line and complement existing stock without tapping into their cash flow – resulting in happy customers and a healthy cash flow.

Bartercard offers a marketplace which is 40 times bigger than the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere.

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Eight Ways to Attract New Customers with Bartercard

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