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Helping you understand the rules of the trading program & fair trading within Bartercard

There have been a number of changes to the NZ legislation recently around fair trading which impacts businesses and their obligations when promoting and selling goods. Bartercard NZ have provided a helpful guide that addresses these changes to help not only understand the changes but assist members in meeting your legal obligations when conducting business on the Bartercard Trade Exchange.

The Fair Trading Act (FTA) applies to what people say and do when promoting and selling goods and services. The Act applies to all sales by professional traders, but not to one-off private trades. The FTA prohibits misleading and deceptive conduct, false representations and unfair practices by people in trade. The FTA has been amended and penalties under the Act have increased… view the e-book below and find out how this applies to the Bartercard Trade Exchange.

Fair Trading ebook

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Fair Trading PDF

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