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How does Bartercard work for companies within the arts & entertainment industry?

One of the most important things for anyone in the arts and entertainment industry is expanding your customer base. As you'll see from the following reviews, the Bartercard network is highly effective in both driving referrals and opening up a whole new market of potential customers.

Read through reviews from just some of our arts and entertainment members and see what Bartercard could be doing for your business!

I knew a restaurant come bar owner who was doing things a bit tough. He knew I was in Bartercard so I entered his details online and my Trade Broker went and saw him. He joined that day and called me to thank me for introducing him. I am sure you can guess where I booked my next family dinner out! The bRewards points are a bonus and running a go-kart centre petrol is a premium. I can’t buy it on Bartercard but I can buy petrol with bReward Points. The more businesses we get involved the better it is for all of us I say so make sure you introduce a few mates. If we all do that spending Bartercard just gets easier. I’m really happy to be involved because it’s like a club for business owners.

Wayne ScottAction Kart Raceway