You're a builder or developer and would like to know how Bartercard will work for you?

Rather than have their properties sit on the market for months, keeping money tied up, making interest payments and being unable to move on to new projects, builders and developers have been desperately searching for an edge that will get their properties sold fast, without having to discount, so they can maintain their profit margins.

Since 1992, Bartercard has been working with builders and developers using simple strategies that get their properties sold without having to price cut. They've tapped into a network of approximately 32,000 cardholders across Australia and New Zealand and have structured the sales to accept a percentage of the overall price in Bartercard trade dollars.

Bartercard review: Hear from one of our most successful developers...

Shaun Cosgrove is no stranger to Bartercard having been involved since 1998. His latest business, national real estate agency, Harcourts, joined in 2015. "We have used Trade Dollars for a huge range of items, from sign writing the cars and office space, to billboards, radio advertising, client gifts, restaurant vouchers and so much more. This has really helped me to preserve cash flow by allowing me to spend Trade Dollars on business expenses. Being a member has certainly had its benefits. I've experienced opportunities that I wouldn't normally have had - building a network of suppliers and tradespeople that I have won business through and reciprocated business with as well. Harcourts has secured clients that we may not necessarily have gotten if we hadn't been able to take a portion of their deposit with Trade Dollars. You can't ask for more than that!"

Shaun CosgroveHarcourts

When the idea of me introducing members to Bartercard was presented to me my initial response was to push back. However, once my trade broker explained that Bartercard is “my business network and the more members involved the easier it would be for me to spend”. I began reaching out to other likeminded business owners I know about joining this unique and very innovative business tool that has benefitted my business.

He had been asking me if I knew of any business owners that I can introduce to Bartercard via the bRewards member referral programme for a couple of months and then one day I called him looking for someone who could assist with staging one of our display homes. There wasn’t anyone in Christchurch so he Googled and found a few different companies and he suggested I look at one website in particular. They had a great website and looked professional and he asked me if I would use them if they were a member and I agreed that I would.

He then encouraged me “to call them and explain that I am interested in using their services and that I would like to pay them using my Bartercard, and if they would be comfortable taking a call from a colleague of mine who would explain further.”

I was unsure about contacting her myself at first, but my trade broker explained that it would better coming directly from me being the business owner, so I reluctantly gave the staging business a call. To my surprise the staging business agreed to take a closer look at Bartercard, the business owner actually sounded excited that someone was going to call her back regarding more information so I went ahead and entered the company into the bRewards member referral programme.

My Trade Broker went and met with her a couple of days later and they joined Bartercard to secure my business, which will allow me to offset over $12,000 a year in real cash expenses using my trade dollars. Since then I have entered another six bRewards referrals, which my Trade Broker is currently working on and I have just had my second referral join Bartercard to secure more of my business, helping me offset more of my real cash expenses further – TOP STUFF.

Not only can I spend my trade dollars with these two new members (hopefully six) from extra revenue earned with Bartercard that I otherwise wouldn’t have achieved in cash, but I am also saving cash along with securing reward points that I am using to purchase things I can’t always typically buy on Bartercard like flights for our next family holiday.

Now my only problem is needing to build more houses for Bartercard members to keep up with my spending!

Cambridge Homes Canterbury