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You're are in the services industry and want to know how Bartercard will work for you?

Since 1992, service businesses have turned to Bartercard to fill their machine's downtime and move their idle stock. Rather than turn their machines off or discount their prices, which results in reduced profits and brand value, they've discovered how to get the edge by using Bartercard's simple trading system of turning unproductive time and/or stock into trade dollars that they are then using to reduce their cash expenses.

Bartercard reviews: Hear how businesses have benefited from Bartercard...

I never knew Search was so easy to use, I had always thought you had to type what you wanted to search for followed by the location in the search field. All you need to do is open the app and Bartercard members for your current location automatically populate, your phones GPS connects you to members nationwide and if you don’t want the current location just move up or down the map till you get to your right location, then pinch out to enlarge the map & tap on the green or orange business locators to see the member – it’s that easy! I’ve been having heaps of fun searching all over the country and I’ve found lots of members I can trade with for our business and for our home renovations. It’s a bit like browsing through the big old heavy Bartercard catalogue they used to produce years ago (it was like a brick - lol) the Bartercard search app is awesome, super-fast & always on you, where ever you go - give it a go, you may be very surprised at who you will find.

Janette JellymanHot Copy

Elco Canvas has been a member of Bartercard since it started in New Plymouth, about 15 years ago. Our primary purpose for using Bartercard is our manufactured products, such as our archgola-style canopies and shade sails. We’ve found Bartercard gives us an edge when competing for work, and we’ve secured many good contracts from out of town simply by being a member. Bartercard is the best of both worlds. We find it fits in well with our cash contracts, while helping us conserve cash by allowing us to spend our trade dollars on business expenses. Being a part of the Bartercard network has undoubtedly had a positive impact on our cashflow.

Terry KnaufElco Canvas

We’ve been with Bartercard for eight years now. The network allows us to save cash when buying materials, tools and equipment, and handling staff expenses. The extra work Bartercard brings in helps keep our workshop busy which means no downtime!

Jen BiggsHeretaunga Collision Repair Centre

Chris Jones joined up his business, Roof Coaters, to Bartercard in 2012. He saw it as an opportunity to grow his business and bring in additional income. And he’s never looked back.
“Having the Bartercard Marketplace to promote your goods is a great platform. The Online Team send out the promotion, and the sales come flooding in.”
Chris couldn’t be happier with the recent promotion of his Moss & Mould Assault product – T$3,500 transacted in one day!
Chris regularly attends the Auckland, Waikato, and Rotorua Trade Shows, where his familiar product is always a popular choice. Being a Bartercard member provides exposure to a new customer base he wouldn’t have in the cash economy.
When the sales come in, Chris doesn’t have a problem spending his trade dollars on business and lifestyle purchases. His Bartercard purchases include mechanical repairs for business vehicles, tyres, a new car for his daughter, a new bed, dinners out with the family, which he says are always a treat and a significant saving.
“Without Bartercard, I wouldn’t have the additional income (even in the cash economy). It’s all surplus to my cash business, and I wouldn’t change it. I also receive amazing service from my Trade Broker, Debra. She has always been there for our business and goes above and beyond. She provides fantastic customer service, something that is hard to come by nowadays."

Chris JonesRoof Coaters