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The Accountants Guide to Bartercard

Download our free guide on how Bartercard can work for your clients.


Acc eBook CTA-32-788 As an accountant, your clients will often need advice on ways in which they can add value to their business.

In order to confidently advise on how Bartercard can grow your client’s business, we have written this eBook “The Accountant’s Guide to Bartercard”.

Our eBook covers:

  • How Bartercard works
  • What Bartercard is (and what it is not)
  • Accounting for Bartercard
    There is no difference between cash and Trade Dollars, with sales being recorded as an expense or asset
  • Questions your clients may have




How Does Bartercard Work With Your Accounting System?

Business finances don’t need to be a complicated process. Bartercard makes it easy and straightforward to keep your finances on track, by fitting into members’ existing accounting systems without the hassle.

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Bartercard Helps Thompson & Partners Ltd Grow To Achieve Financial Success For Themselves and Their Clients

Through Bartercard, accounting firm Thompson & Partners Ltd has been able to utilise unfulfilled capacity and generate new business that they previously did not have access to. Now they advise their own clients about how to use the barter exchange system to move excess inventory, manage their cashflow and increase occupancy in slow or idle periods – all on top of their regular cash paying business!

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Looking at the bigger (financial) picture

Understanding the financial health of your business can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you’re too busy on the floor with your team to take a look at what’s going on at a higher level.

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Bartercard helps Just Water Grow Trade Volume, Conserve Cash and Maximise Their Budgets

When Just Water and Aqua Cool merged, they effectively used Bartercard Trade Dollars to not only facilitate the process and bring the new team together, but to conserve cash and maximise the available budget for the project.

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