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Benefits for the Tourism Industry

Bartercard works for many industries with a simple concept of turning excess stock and downtime into sales and attracting new customers.  This couldn’t be truer than with the tourism industry.

The benefits of Bartercard for an attraction or tourism business are that they have the flexibility to accept or reject sales according to their demand levels and availability.  If demand or expected capacity is low, the member can promote their attraction or holiday destination to the Bartercard ecosystem, outlining the available dates and times and disclosing exclusion periods.

More Customers

Many of our accommodation providers offer off-peak availability, with many of our international destinations allowing for travel between November and March.  This includes travel to the Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, and Vanuatu.

Furthermore, these members can also generate incremental spending from the additional foot traffic generated by the Bartercard customers when they are on site.  The trade dollars generated from these low-demand periods can then be used to offset spending they would typically make using cash from within the business.

Improve your lifestyle with trade dollars!

Bartercard offers the best of both business and pleasure.  It provides a solution for members to turn their low-demand periods into goods and services that they would otherwise pay cash for and help to protect their cash flow.

On the flip side, many members spend the trade dollars earned from gaining extra business to pay for a much-needed holiday or weekend away.

Bartercard has many travel options available at world-class destinations.  With hotels, resorts, and guest houses across destinations including Australia, Pacific Islands, Thailand, and throughout New Zealand, this is one of the many ways to conserve cash and improve your lifestyle with Bartercard for both the merchant and consumer alike.

The Bartercard Travel Team offers all its members free travel advice for both business and pleasure, specialising in domestic travel and the Pacific Islands.

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