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Top tips for planning your new financial year

Every year you promise yourself that you’ll get things in order in time for the new financial year. But then business gets in the way and you’re once again scrambling to get everything completed in time. The new financial year…
April 26, 2022
Business owners organising inventory shelves
Business tips

Marie Kondo for Your Business

Organising expert Marie Kondo is famous for helping people around the world transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration, but why couldn’t you use her KonMari decluttering method in your business? There’s no time like the present…
September 29, 2021
Customers and staff busy in a clothing shop
Business tips

How to Make Money on Your Clearance Sale

Many business owners think a clearance sale is just a way to cut your losses, to finally rid yourself of stock that you’ve given up hope of turning a profit on. Fortunately, however, some strategic thinking can help you turn…
March 30, 2021
Small business owner up late earning extra income

How do you keep the cash flow going?

Anyone who has ever started their own business will know hard it can be, with little or no cash coming in and with the business requiring so much of your time. However, there will usually come a day when you…
January 26, 2021
Two warehouse workers speaking about inventory wearing hard hats and high vis gear

Inventory Management Tips for Small Businesses

Inventory management is an important aspect of starting a small business. It allows you to gauge business profitability, track supply, and manage your stock without exhausting more time and money than you have to. Though it may seem simple, good…
October 5, 2020