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Bartering in business

Bartering has been a part of business since business began. It’s likely you’ve done the odd barter deal as most business owners love to exchange their products or services with other business owners. They know it’s a great way to…
March 2, 2021
Business owner counts inventory

How Bulk Offerings Can Help You Sell Inventory

One of the most important (and challenging) duties of small business ownership is effectively managing and selling inventory. Managing inventory is a delicate balancing act, as you want enough inventory to fulfil all your orders, but not so much that…
February 18, 2021
Clearance sale sign in store window

Why You Should Take Your Next Clearance Sale Online

Having a clearance sale at a physical shop has its benefits; it allows you to oversee business operations real-time and you can physically see customers going in and out to find their favourite products at a discounted price. However, if…
December 22, 2020