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Adelaide Hills Retreats, formerly Adelaide Hills Country Cottages, incorporates new levels of luxury in every way, offering its clients unrivaled retreats in the Adelaide Hills. They have been a Bartercard member since 2006 but hadn’t really been taking advantage of the full benefits of the network, until they were introduced to Presente Marketing Australia.

Presente Marketing Australia became a Bartercard member in December 2018 when they were referred to the network from the owner of the luxurious Nukubati Private Island and The Fiji Orchid.

Presente Marketing Australia is passionate about helping small to medium-sized businesses develop a search marketing strategy that will help them achieve growth. They are committed to achieving consistent results and creating long term partnerships with their clients.

Now working with Adelaide Hills Retreats (as well as Nukubati Private Island and The Fiji Orchid) on a Bartercard basis, this story highlights the power of the network and how Bartercard members can benefit each other through simple referrals to one another.

Bartercard Member Story: Adelaide Hills Retreats

When I was introduced to Scott [from Presente Marketing Australia], our Bed and Breakfast accommodation (after a significant re-structure) was facing a crossroads. Occupancy was nowhere near where we wanted it to be and the costs of increased bookings through OTA’s [Online Travel Agency] had me nervous. I really wanted to drive more traffic to our own website for bookings and have other aspects of our business humming. Scott immediately took up the challenge and started encouraging me to think outside the square.

We gave him autonomy with Google AdWords, Google My Business, our Online Booking System, and our website, and he literally had turned things around for us in a very short period of time.

We had been hovering around 55% trend for numerous months, but the last three months have now increased to 72%, 88%, 85% and the month we have just entered, we are already 65% occupied, so forward bookings now are really starting to take off for us. Very happy with what we are seeing!

Business systems are also about to improve, as Scott’s recommendations and encouragement to move across to a superior booking platform will certainly streamline business practices for us.

We have been really impressed by the service from Scott at Presente, and we are now on a secure path to getting the business humming on all levels, moving forward from a far more confident and competent position.

Scott and Presente come highly recommended. I am confident that he too, can assist you in getting the foundations right in your business to move into a more efficient future with bright outcomes!

Mandy, Adelaide Hills Retreats

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