In this Bartercard member update, we hear from Allure Nails who have been a member for 11 years now and have had no difficulty spending their trade dollars.

Bartercard Member Story: Allure Nails

Some may be sceptical but there are so many ways you can spend your trade dollars. My business has been a Bartercard member for 11 years and during that time we’ve used trade dollars to help build the business by saving cash (which we can then set aside for cash only expenses – IRD, rent, rates, insurance etc). We spend our trade dollars on rubbish collections, computer R&M, we get the studio lawns mowed, we have fresh flowers weekly for our reception area, we advertise in the local free newspaper. Our stationery is printed using trade, we make charitable donations, we take drawings using trade and provide staff incentives. All our studio promotions are done using trade dollars – if it can’t be purchased on trade, there is no promotion!

The biggest area of success is we’ve been able to branch out from NZ to conduct beauty therapy training in Rarotonga three times a year! We use the trade dollars to cover expenses such as accommodation, car rental and dining which saves us cash which we invest back into the business to build up the contacts and courses. We have also partnered with a resort spa in Raro who is also a Bartercard member and they purchase products from us. This is a win-win.

Being a part of the network is great for advertising. We can quickly get promos out to the members to help us fill available appointments or last-minute cancellations. We also find the trade shows are beneficial in enabling us to turn over our stock and promote the business out to a wider market.

During our time of being a member, we’ve found that not only do we benefit from Bartercard members introducing other members to us, they also introduce their cash paying friends to us who then become regular cash clients. Bartercard really is a great business tool! You do need to think outside the box – if you believe you will find everything you want to purchase on Bartercard in your local main street, then you will be disappointed. If you are prepared to put a little effort into looking and seeking out new products, then I would highly recommend Bartercard. Along the way, you meet some great people and they have plenty to offer back with knowledge and skills of how they use the Bartercard network to their advantage.


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