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One of our long-term Taranaki members, Ultra Endurance Athlete and Coach, Lisa Tamati is launching her new book this month.

Relentless shares the emotional journey of Lisa and her mother, Isobel, after Isobel suffered a huge brain aneurysm and stroke, and was given a bleak outlook with very little quality of life.  But being an extreme endurance athlete, Lisa wasn’t prepared to just give up on her mother.  Lisa and Isobel’s story tells of the horrors, despair, hope, love and incredible experiences and insights into their journey, and it shares the difficulties of going against the medical system.


Relentless will not only take you on a journey from despair to hope and joy, but it also provides information on the treatments used, expert advice and key principles to overcoming obstacles and winning in all of life’s challenges. It will inspire and guide anyone who is facing terrible odds, for those who can’t see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s about courage, self-belief, and mental toughness; it’s also about vulnerability – it’s real, raw, and genuine.

Ahead of the book launch, we caught up with Lisa to find out more about her journey with Bartercard and the odds she and her mother have overcome to be able to share their incredible experience.

When did you first get involved with Bartercard?

My mum was the first to hear of Bartercard and she loved the concept.  I was just returning from 13 years in Austria and we had a jewellery* shop here so we were keen to promote our business through this new channel.  We have been so lucky, our partnership with Bartercard has blossomed over the past 13 years of being a member.

In that time, what has been the biggest benefit you’ve experienced?

There are just so many benefits!  Firstly, more sales of our products and a new customer base.  We have loved spending our trade dollars; not only is it good for business expenses, it’s great for treats like accommodation and dinners out and those impulse buys!  When I built my house, Bartercard was of huge benefit, as many of the expensive items like kitchens and bathrooms I was able to fully kit out using Bartercard suppliers.  I’ve also had the huge privilege of being sponsored as an athlete by Bartercard; my trip to Death Valley in the USA twice for a 217km race; supporting my charity run through NZ – a total of 2250km (completing 52 marathons in 42 days); raising money for Curekids and CanTeen.  Without Bartercard, we wouldn’t have been able to do that. I have also had the opportunity to attend the National Bartercard Conference twice where I was the keynote speaker. And now, I’m lucky enough to have Bartercard get behind me with my third book launch, Relentless.  Not only that, but my Bartercard Trade Broker is also now my best friend and was even a bridesmaid at my wedding!  What more could you want? It’s a fantastic partnership on so many levels and for so long.

How is Bartercard an effective way to sell your jewellery products?
Bartercard is a super way to move stock that you have been sitting on for a while and for boosting sales in quiet times.

What would you say about Bartercard to other organisations that may be looking to join/or are looking for sponsorship?
The team at Bartercard is second to none.  They help you creatively expand your business and are constantly providing ideas and support.  It’s also a great chance to network too.

In terms of your latest book, what prompted you to write such a personal account of your experience?
We were told when my mum finally stabilised that there was nothing more they could do and that they suggested putting her in a hospital level care institution to make here comfortable.  We were told the brain damage was too massive and she was too old; that there was no hope. They were wrong. I decided early on that I was going to get her back or die trying and that someone somewhere in the universe had some answers even if the local medical fraternity didn’t.  I was determined to find those answers.

What are you hoping people will take away from your book?
I want people to realise that they need to take ownership of their own health and not just give up all power to any one doctor or medical professional. We need to look outside the square; with the world’s knowledge growing so fast, there’s no one person that can ever be across all the possible latest science and studies. I also want people to never ever give up; to go all-in on whatever challenge they are facing. I took all the skills I learned in my 25-year long career of pushing my mind and body to the limits in extreme endurance events and applied those same principles to this challenge. It’s about never giving up hope despite all the odds, it’s about love and determination, about overcoming despair and so many obstacles about going against all the naysayers who said it couldn’t be done. It’s about empowering others to go hard and chasing their dreams and visions and goals and hanging in there for the long haul. There are in this book, all the protocols, and therapies I developed and adopted, but more than that it’s about the mindset it takes to take on a challenge this big and to have a chance at succeeding.

Bartercard is delighted to be getting behind Lisa and supporting three book launches of Relentless; the first being Wednesday, 11 March at 6.30PM in New Plymouth, followed by two further dates in April – 2 April in Auckland and 22 April in Havelock North.

Be inspired by Lisa and Isobel’s story of determination, grit, and unwavering love. There will be 50 copies of Relentless available on Marketplace from Thursday, 12 March if you’d like to purchase a copy on trade!

*Lisa’s bespoke sports jewellery range can be viewed here.


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