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Whether you’re on the move in Australia or New Zealand, or visiting one of our island destinations, you’re never far away from a Bartercard member with the power of Bartercard Search.

It works just like Google Maps. Easily search for members around you to offset your cash expenses. You can even rate members and view ratings to give you confidence on who you shop with.

Here’s what Janette Jellyman from Hot Copy in Wellington has said about using Search:

“I never knew Search was so easy to use. All you need to do is open the app and Bartercard members in your current location automatically populate, your phone’s GPS connects you to members nationwide and if you don’t want the current location, just move up or down the map till you get to your right location, then zoom in & tap to see the member – it’s that easy!

I’ve been having heaps of fun searching all over the country and I’ve found lots of members I can trade with for our business and for our home renovations.

The Bartercard search app is awesome, super fast and always on you where ever you go – give it a go, you may be very surprised at who you will find.”


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