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For businesses, a new year signifies an invaluable opportunity to embrace growth, adaptability, and innovation. The challenges of the past few years have fortified Kiwi businesses, providing the resilience needed to navigate uncharted territories. As the pages turn on the calendar, there’s an inherent call to focus on strategic evolution and expansion. In this dynamic landscape, where change is the only constant, the coming months present a canvas for entrepreneurial endeavours to flourish and businesses to not just survive but thrive. This blog explores the avenues through which businesses can capitalise on the energy of a new year and chart a course toward sustainable growth and success.

Unlock your cash flow with an interest free line of credit

Bartercard functions as a digital currency, akin to a credit card or bank account. Rather than cash, it allows transactions through EFTPOS, online platforms, the Bartercard mobile app, and over the phone. This innovative system provides an immediate $T5k interest free line of credit (subject to T&Cs), enabling you to make purchases even during tight cash flow periods.

Efficiently manage excess stock with heavy discounts

Bartercard is a valuable resource for optimising inventory, equipment, and employee capacity. It transforms downtime and spare capacity, such as those faced by businesses in seasonal markets, into new revenue streams. This system also facilitates selling excess or unwanted stock without resorting to significant discounts, preserving the perceived value, and preventing potential price wars with competitors.

Expand your customer base through a referral network

Leverage Bartercard’s extensive referral ecosystem to promote your products and services to a new customer base within the Bartercard community. This new clientele complements your existing cash business, enhancing your brand awareness and providing a unique advantage over competitors. Bartercard’s referral program, bRewards, not only allows you to refer new members but also earns you valuable bPoints that can be redeemed against service fees and everyday gift cards.

Foster staff loyalty with non-cash incentives

Retaining valuable employees is crucial for business success. Bartercard offers a unique solution by allowing you to reward your team with incentives like dinners out, experiences, and accommodation options, all paid for with trade dollars instead of cash. This not only helps attract and retain talent but also contributes to a positive and motivated work environment.

Explore the Bartercard Marketplace for business growth

Take advantage of the Bartercard Marketplace to connect with other businesses and discover products and services that can elevate your business. This centralised platform offers convenience and great deals, ensuring that your business remains cash-positive. The Bartercard ecosystem provides a supportive network to kick-start the new year.

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