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A simple yet effective way of creating a digitally-friendly workplace is by introducing incentives to motivate employees to adopt new technologies and embrace change.

Presenting the technology as a way to improve their role or job, will reassure them that the technology is not replacing them, but designed to help them. Allaying fears is sometimes a large part of the change management process.

Overcoming the fear factor

Adding incentives or something that will appeal to each different department or group you have identified in your business, to make the process of change more fun, is a good way to distract people from negative elements or fear. A positive mindset will help the learning experience as well. Make the whole project fun and make sure to ask staff (especially those in the first groups) for feedback so you can improve the process.

Make sure the learning style and environment is one that accommodates everyone’s needs – why not ask staff how they would like to learn.

Creating a digitally-friendly workplace

The best way to cement learning is to be able to practice what you have learned. Make the training relevant to real work practices and make sure everyone has a chance to work with the new technology while there is support available.

Don’t just drop them in the deep end without support. A well-supported group will be less afraid to try and fail. If there is someone they can approach with questions and for assistance you are less likely to experience resistance and regression to old work methods.

Find a project that everyone can work on together to help embed the new systems or software. For example, could you get the team to upload all company documents and manuals onto the new intranet? Back up or safely store data and key files? Organise training manuals in both digital and hard copy formats? By giving everyone time, support and the right resources to help make the change you can address these common issues, engage the workforce more effectively and ultimately implement advantageous new technology.

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