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The New Year is a time to assess your business and put positive change into place.  While the internet isn’t short of inspirational tips and tricks to make the most of 2019, the reality is that the everyday ins and outs of running a business are tough – especially in a fast-paced digital world where the only constant is change.  From managing budgets to staying relevant and constantly evolving, it isn’t for the faint hearted!  When asked what the most significant challenge in business was, Bartercard members said that apart from staffing, it was cash flow which kept them up at night.

While making it in a competitive business world isn’t easy, Bartercard addresses these pain points.  The cash-alternative marketplace not only attracts new customers but boosts cash flow by letting members save business and lifestyle expenses across almost every industry.  In fact, its saved $4.5 billion for small business owners – letting them outsource more in their business to focus on growth.

The concept of barter isn’t new and spans centuries back.  Just like the baker traded with the flour mill, today there are hundreds of communities worldwide where barter is used to take cash out of the picture – in Greece for example where its built up a viable barter economy of scale.  Likewise, barter is used in many smaller communities to support local business in a radically shifting landscape where companies like Amazon directly compete.

22 million transactions and counting
Bartercard is the world’s largest trade exchange that’s evolved the concept of a direct swap to a flexible credit card-style system that’s surpassed 22 million transactions.  Today members are trading everything from a hamburger to a multi-million development, holidays, retail products and services through a cash alternative currency to stay ahead of the curve.  And because face-to-face is still among the strongest ways to build trust, Bartercard regularly hosts industry events inviting members to see what they can trade.

If a small business has surplus stock or spare capacity, Bartercard can sell it or fill the extra space.  It’s a platform that’s encouraging business diversity and strengthening the local economy, and supplements business on top of everyday cash transactions which can make a huge difference when you think of customer referrals.  Quite often a Bartercard sale can lead to recommendations in the cash economy. Just a few of the things members have covered using Bartercard instead of cash include renovations, accommodation at destinations worldwide and real estate in exchange for welcoming customers on Bartercard.

To start trading anything from lunch to a renovation, visit Bartercard New Zealand – or call 0800 639 287.


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