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Want to increase sales, fill capacity, improve margins and have a better lifestyle that allows more time with your family? Of course you do! It’s the perfect scenario and one that is easily within reach. This article will explore the advantages of Bartercard’s latest addition – the new online Marketplace platform – and how it will help you achieve your goals.

If you haven’t had a read of our eBook “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Small Business Owners”, we recommend you read that. Or, if you’ve already read it, and are ready to take the next step, read on about Bartercard’s online trading portal to get on your way.

Cash-free economy? You bet.

Any opportunity to avoid paying cash is clearly a good thing for small businesses. Today there’s so much competition nipping at your heels both locally and internationally, and everyone’s looking for a deal. As Bartercard’s cash-free economy grows, the new online Marketplace is set for its thousands of followers to use and make trading as easy as a few clicks. The browsing platform easily allows you to search for member listings and promotions, products and services geared towards targets that you set.

You take the helm

Search for what you need and Bartercard’s online Marketplace will streamline your trading process. You’ll control what promotions you want to see, and based on what you type into the search bar, online analytics will suggest deals that you might not have thought of.

So, what are the advantages of the new online Marketplace, and how can it help you to accomplish your goals?

Advantage #1 – You’ll avoid paying cash

Each year Bartercard has traded over $200 million worth of goods outside of the cash economy. If you’re not having to pay for services, then the outgoings of your business costs will drastically decrease. It’s a win-win situation, allowing you the capacity to sell more and not be forced to squeeze margins.

Advantage #2 – It’s easier to hold onto clients

By being able to leverage off the Bartercard community you’re able to provide a better, highly efficient and more rounded service for your clients. And if your clients are happy then they’re more likely to keep doing business with you. The Bartercard online Marketplace gives you access to more than 6,000 business owners throughout New Zealand.

Advantage #3 – You’re ahead of the competition

In business, you need to be able to move quickly, access goods and services and attract loyal customers. To grow your business and make money, your best bet is to streamline the trading process and keep up the momentum. With the Bartercard online Marketplace, you can make strategic decisions quickly. Your business might be small and growing but you’ll be up to play with the competition selecting access to the best services.

Advantage #4 – It’s easy to be proactive and think ahead

To know what goods and services are available it’s important to browse what’s on offer. Check out promotions across the network and see what deals work best for you. This will give you time to think and plan ahead. The more efficient your business, the more time you’ll have up your sleeve to spend doing whatever you want.

Advantage #5 – Your business attracts good staff

When building a company culture that encourages employees to succeed, quality goods and services are needed for staff to do their best possible job, selling and working on your behalf. Your staff needs the tools at their disposal to work efficiently. Marketplace allows you to choose what services your staff gets and when catering to their needs to best serve the outcomes of your business.
The online Marketplace is a great reason to join Bartercard, streamlining all that you need to organise in a day, month, or year. This coupled with our eBook (including seven handy tips) can help you become a more successful business owner sporting a sustainable and profitable company. Read the eBook over a cup of coffee and we’ll guide you with ways to think ahead and address the everyday bugbears you face. Why not make running your business easier?


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