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With so much uncertainty in our midst, businesses are on edge when it comes to keeping their operations running and their client base intact. With social distancing the new norm and a stay-at-home suggestion still in place outside work, it’s hard for business sales to remain unaffected. Unsurprisingly, foot traffic will drop as the world tries to contain COVID-19. However, there are ways to keep customers coming back. Here are a few customer retention techniques that allow you to keep serving your customers at a safe distance.

Continue to communicate

It’s best to be transparent and communicate to your customers regarding the next steps your business will take going forward. Be open with your customers; inform them on the provisions you’re taking to keep employees and work environments safe for everyone. Aside from informing them of the logistics—changes in business hours, facility closures, and fulfillment of pending orders—you should also try to stay connected to them on a deeper level.

We’re all treading uncharted waters—merchants and customers alike. Reach out to your customers and find ways to empathise. Be responsive with customer queries, develop a relevant customer retention program such as loyalty rewards, special e-gift cards for customers who truly need them, or even online events for product launches. These simple gestures make your brand memorable and accessible, which can go a long way towards retaining loyal customers.

Educate your consumers

Most of your customers will be craving entertainment that might add value to their lives while quarantined at home. Use the technologies at your disposal. You can impart useful information to your clients via live streaming channels: Facebook and Instagram Live, Zoom webinars, etc. It’s a great way to keep your brand relevant during the pandemic. Talk about how your business or products can help customers during the crisis. Not only will you educate your customers, but you’ll also keep them engaged, building rapport and goodwill even in the comforts of their own home.

Serve in new ways

With physical interactions discouraged, show your customers how you can serve them in new ways. Whether that is offering free shipping on orders, expanding your pipeline to sell on-demand products, or taking your services online for a wider reach; there’s always a way that your business can innovate in a time where resources are limited. Let consumers take an interest in what you’re offering through new and improved platforms. After all, you’re doing this not just to make your business thrive, but also to create ways to make your customers’ lives better.

Talk about a positive future

It’s important to keep customers looking forward to what lies ahead for them regarding your business. Lay out the plans you have going forward following government-imposed recommendations. At the same time, give customers the hope they need despite the repercussions of the pandemic. Demonstrate how your company is revising and improving its business model to accommodate changes and how you will be well-positioned to satisfy their needs with new and improved services. Most importantly, put these plans into action, as this will inspire confidence in your valued customers.

Customer retention is key to business survival

Cushion the negative repercussions of COVID while it lasts. With a concrete plan, a customer-centric approach, and effective implementation of customer retention best practices, your business can build solid relationships with existing customers and ensure they stay with you even after the crisis. Allow your business to retain and attract new customers. By joining an immense online marketplace like Bartercard, you open your business to new customers with whom you can build lasting relationships. Join today!

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