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The workspace is no longer just in the office; it’s wherever you are! Whether you’re returning to the office, working from home, or a mix of both, we have some tips on the products and features you need to connect, share ideas, and get more done, regardless of location.

Especially for employees who don’t have space for a proper work setup in their homes, there is an abundance of apps that people can access on their mobile devices and PCs to keep the lines of communication open. For example, at Bartercard, we think of our mobile app as having a community at your fingertips, having everything in one place, making it possible for members to trade on the go.

We have created a list of apps that are guaranteed to improve your remote working effectiveness and, at the same time, assist with more business growth strategies. 

Google Workspace

First up, formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a collection of tools ideal for employees working from home. Google Workspace is most useful if workers need to liaise with their colleagues and/or clients, due to its collaborative nature.

Applications include video conferencing tool Google Meet, group messaging utility Google Chat, and Calendar, which can be integrated with the diaries of others you work with. For collaborative efforts, Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides allow several people to work on documents concurrently.

Freedom: Designed to Improve Your Productivity

For those working from home, Zoom has obviously become the most popular video conferencing app. However, working from home can also bring its fair share of distractions for anyone struggling with concentrating on the job at hand. Freedom is designed to improve our productivity, which it does by eliminating distractions and bad habits, prompting you to set blocks for websites, apps, or even the entire internet, depending on your requirements.

Basecamp Project Management Tool

Basecamp is a project management tool designed to assist with communication and workflow. Instead of email chains, Basecamp provides a message board for those with access to post updates to, and gather feedback from, giving full oversight of an entire project back to day one.

The Automatic Check-in allows workers to log their tasks and achievements, giving the wider team clarity on each other’s role.

Why You Need a Password Manager Like Dashlane

Working from home has increased the need for more sophisticated security measures, with employees needing to share files between them. It is a given that you can’t have the same password for everything as this is too risky, but it is also difficult to remember several passwords.

Dashlane is among the best password managers on the market, and their multi-factor authentication (MFA) can protect all your important information. Their service also includes priority support.

Bartercard Mobile App for Those Working from Home

For everyone working from, home the above apps should help to reduce distractions and elevate communication levels with your colleagues and clients. Similarly, with the flexibility of Bartercard’s Mobile App, you can experience the benefits of the Bartercard community with freedom and ease.

So, download your Bartercard Mobile App now and start trading today!

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