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You’re about to meet a new client or supplier and you have never met them before. What are some of the things you would do before that meeting? How do you prepare? Forget everything you’ve learned about how to create a first impression when you meet someone new because in business, over 70% of the time it’s happening online.

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network for job-seeking, B2B sales, or just making new connections. But are you using this tool to its fullest? Social selling is leveraging your professional network and your online professional brand to build pipeline with the right people, insights, and relationships to help you drive revenue. There are 1.4 million active users in New Zealand on LinkedIn, with 90-95% of these being white-collar consumers.

In this blog, we share with you some simple tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

Add a professional photo

A picture is worth a thousand words, and choosing one that speaks for you is important. Profiles with a profile photo are 14 times more likely to be viewed than those without. Looking ‘industry appropriate’ in your photo is important, but don’t forget that showing individuality attracts people to your page. Over the past few years, many professionals have opted for a black and white photo, as it’s proven to stand out when people look through search results.

Write an attention-grabbing headline

Explain what it is you do and demonstrate your passion and value. This is your 120 character hook so that people can find you in a LinkedIn search. It should be about what you do as opposed to who you are and make you stand out from the rest. For example: “Helping clients to communicate effectively for maximum results”.

Tell a compelling story

When it comes to social media, always add value and always add disproportionate value compared to your competitors. Focus on career accomplishments and future aspirations using keywords, not just buzz words you think someone might be looking for. As a general guide, write 40 words as a minimum and 250 words as a maximum.

Always write in the first person

Keep it personal. Writing in the first person is more relatable than the third person. So rather than writing “John has…” write “I have…” so you are speaking directly to the reader. Make sure your personality and your personal brand shine through – it’s what sets you apart.

Include details of your past work experience

By doing so, your profile is likely to receive 12 x more profile views than those without work experience listed. Talk about your passion and why you love to do what you do, rather than just listing your achievements. Showing personality helps you stand out, but it’s also important to list quantifiable results where you can. Customise your profile so that it counts all of your experience and don’t make it read like a textbook. Join industry groups relevant to your market and post relevant and organically appealing content but stay away from self-promotional marketing and click-bait. Perhaps you could include photos, presentations, and videos to demonstrate your work.

So now you’ve got your profile up to scratch – now what? Research industry events and hot topics. Actively comment and join in on discussions via industry-related blogs or LinkedIn forums – this is where you’re prospects are most active. Actively listen in to conversations about industry topics, learn more about your customers and engage with potential influencers. Share relevant articles with your followers, either via LinkedIn or Twitter, but be careful that you’re not spamming!

Promoting your brand through social media pages is just one way to attract customers and build your personal brand. For more ideas on how to expand your customer base, download our eBook Eight Ways to Attract New Customers.


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