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Once you find good staff, you want to keep them. Making your workplace attractive and fun, recognising your employee’s achievements and milestones, while increasing their engagement and sense of camaraderie are all ways to keep your team members feeling happy and appreciated.

Investing in your staff will not only create a pleasant working environment, but it can also result in increased productivity, less time off and greater staff loyalty over the long term.

While you may not be able to directly pay your staff using Bartercard, there are many ways you can utilise your trade dollars to create a workplace people love to come to every day.

Here are just a few ideas.

Rewarding your staff

Everyone on your team wants to be appreciated for the work they do and the effort they put in to help build your business. Your Bartercard trade dollars offer you the perfect way to show your appreciation without it taking cash from your business.

You can purchase a wide array of goods and services through the Bartercard network to offer as incentives to your team. Smart employers get their team to decide which incentives they want. They’ll strive much harder to reach targets when the ‘prize’ is something they really want.

Some employees may choose something personal such as a salon treatment or gift basket of pampering products. Others might prefer a practical gift that will save them money such as a car service or detail. Many will like the opportunity to take their partner or family to a fancy restaurant… compliments of the boss!

You’ll find plenty of ideas in the Bartercard directory, including larger incentive items such as computers, furniture, or holidays.

A popular way to thank staff is by paying them bonuses in trade dollars to spend how they wish. Traditionally this bonus would be paid in cash from your business but by using trade dollars instead you are saving your cash while still giving the same value to your employee. Just ensure you keep within Fringe Benefit Tax regulations.

Celebrating milestones

Whatever the cause for celebration – a birthday, work anniversary, reaching a milestone in the business or even a staff departure, all can be celebrated with the help of Bartercard.

You might order a speciality cake or shout the team out to dinner. However you choose to come together as a team to celebrate, you can use your trade dollars to pay for it. Check out the listings in your local area.

Bringing the team together

Some workplaces gather regularly for no reason other than to shake off their workday and connect with each other in a social environment. Take advantage of one of the many Bartercard member restaurants that offer group bookings. Your trade consultant will be able to help you locate restaurants in your area that are happy to welcome your team.

A grand getaway

You may have bigger plans for some team time together – for a training weekend, some family time, or as a reward for a great year of business. Bartercard has a dedicated travel department that can plan and book the ideal team getaway for you. It might be at a popular holiday destination or somewhere more private. Once it’s safe to travel internationally, the sky will be the limit with travel packages available across the globe.

Reward staff, save cash!

Visit the website for more information on the many benefits Bartercard can bring to your business.


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