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Bartering can be described as an act of trading goods and services between two or more parties without the use of money. Barter trading is beneficial for companies that see a mutual benefit in exchanging goods and services instead of cash, in addition to enabling those who are short of hard currency to obtain goods and services.

Bartercard is an operator of a barter trading exchange, which empowers businesses to exchange goods and services without the use of cash or cash equivalents, or without a direct swap, through their supportive community.

Bartering in the Digital Age

There are many different ways to use bartering to build your business, such as using it to gain more customers! There are several reasons why a barter economy or being able to barter is beneficial, and as mentioned above, there may be times where cash is not readily available, but goods or services are. Bartering allows individuals to get what they need with what they already own.

Bartercard is the perfect platform to give your start-up business the kick start it needs. Bartercard business benefits include providing members with an advance on trade dollar sales so you can keep more cash in your business from day one! More than that, the Bartercard community opens a whole new channel of customers, ready to do business with you.

Conserve Cash in Your Business

Through Bartercard, you can apply for an advance on your trade dollar sales. This gives you trade dollars straight up to invest in your business. You’ll be able to use this advance to purchase equipment, services, and even stock. This way, you can conserve your cash to spend in other areas of your business and open more opportunities to increase business profits.

To sell stock in the cash economy, a business will typically apply a discount, run dealer promotions, or write off excess stock. Through Bartercard, business owners can sell inventory at the normal selling price negating the need to reduce precious profit margins. They provide you with the tools to sell excess stock and liquidate inventory, ensuring you maximise your returns and your productivity during slow periods and utilise spare capacity.

How to Increase Sales and Spend Your Trade Dollars

Bartercard enables you to increase your sales, and in turn, you can spend the trade dollars you earn, as well as your advance on trade dollar sales, to purchase products and services for your business and lifestyle. Effectively, you are offsetting some of your cash expenses by using your trade dollars instead, therefore saving your cash.

Each time you buy with Bartercard you are effectively spending with your excess product or service. Therefore, you buy at a discount based on your profit margin. For instance, if it cost you 35 cents on the dollar to produce your products or services, then for every $100 trade you spend, it only costs you $35. So, you are buying at a 65% discount.

The future of bartering is here

At Bartercard, we add another dimension to your business by giving you the freedom to accept trade dollars to attract new customers and increase your sales. You then use this additional income, as well as your advance on trade dollar sales and reduce your cash expenses, letting you save your valuable cash flow for other investments. Get started with Bartercard today!

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