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Bartering is a way of trading goods and services without using money.  Businesses can benefit from this type of exchange by exchanging goods and services instead of cash.  This can be especially helpful for those who are short on hard currency.  Bartercard operates a barter trade exchange, enabling businesses to trade goods and services without cash or cash equivalents.

Build your business

Bartering has become increasingly popular in the digital age, and there are many ways to use it to build your business, such as gaining more customers.  The Bartercard ecosystem is supportive and provides the perfect platform to kick-start your start-up business or help to grow your existing business.  Bartercard members can benefit from an interest-free line of credit, which can be used to support their cash flow.

By using Bartercard, businesses can conserve cash by purchasing equipment, services, and stock with trade dollars, leaving more money available for other areas of their business.  They can also sell inventory at the regular selling price without reducing precious profit margins.  This can help maximise returns and productivity during slow periods and utilise spare capacity.

Offset cash expenses

 Bartercard also allows businesses to increase their sales by attracting new customers and spending their trade dollars on products and services for their business and lifestyle.  This means businesses can offset some cash expenses using their trade dollars instead.

Each time a business buys with Bartercard, they effectively spend with their excess product or service, which means they can buy at a discount based on their profit margin.  For example, if it costs 35 cents on the dollar to produce a product or service, then for every $100 trade spent, it only costs $35, which is a 65% discount.

The future of bartering

Bartercard adds another dimension to businesses by providing the freedom to accept trade dollars and increase sales – it’s effectively an additional sales channel.  Bartercard helps businesses to reduce their cash expenses and save their valuable cash flow for other investments.  Get in touch to find out how your business can benefit.


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