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As a small business owner, you’re always busy, wearing a few dozen hats at once in hopes of seeing even the smallest signs of success. Some days are as fun as they are rewarding while others can’t end soon enough, and every morning, no matter what, you wake up with renewed energy to get in, get dirty, and get the job done.

Just going through the motions, however, isn’t always enough. In order to truly be effective as a small business owner, it’s time to start working on your business rather than simply in your business. We wrote the eBook “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Small Business Owners” to bridge this gap, guiding your hard work and dedication in a direction that can help you manage your business more efficiently while still growing a solid customer base and keeping your team members happy.

By putting your energy in the right place, you can do what it takes to build a great company while still balancing the day-to-day expectations of your role at the helm.

What you know vs. what you do

Before starting your own company, you may have cultivated a background in areas of value, like finance, operations, or sales, throughout your professional career. While this is often a good thing, business acumen isn’t the same as knowing how to approach a new enterprise from the right viewpoint.

All the practical experience in the world can’t give you the skills needed to lead the troops if you’re used to spending time in the trenches.

Our eBook is designed to help you separate knowledge and experience from an entrepreneurial perspective, allowing you to identify points of weakness in order to clarify end goals. With strong habits and the right mindset in place, you’ll always be prepared to tackle the challenges in small business ownership (even if that means taking a step back and calling in the experts).

Learning to roll With the punches

There’s no way to anticipate what the future will bring, which is why being a highly effective small business owner is more about how to think rather than what to think. It’s about understanding your own limitations without losing sight of what’s important.

A successful owner must balance working on the ground within a company as well as from a higher, holistic level. A good leader is always thinking ahead, anticipating possible outcomes, creating long-term and short-term game plans, and investing in tools designed to benefit him in the long run. He is also open to change, realising that nothing in business is set in stone, and never stops focusing on spreading the word to the right audience.

He is not afraid to admit when help is needed, giving up that Kiwi DIY drive in favor of expert guidance. And, most of all, he’s willing to take the time to learn more about what it means to be truly great as a business owner.

Intended to be short, sweet, and consumed in a single sitting, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Small Business Owners is your all-purpose resource for what it takes to make a difference in your company. By providing you with key skills necessary to keep you on the right track, you’ll always be able to focus your energies in the right place: on your overall health and success of your business.

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