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If you’re running a business, you probably know that most people are already on mobile. We spend hours every day staring at our mobile phones and interacting with applications for a wide range of services, from social interaction to e-commerce. Businesses have been quick to catch on, supplementing their in-store and desktop platforms with the 24-7 accessibility of the mobile realm.

Does this mean that your business is falling behind if you don’t have your own mobile app? We explore the basics of mobile app development, how you can integrate an app as one of your cornerstone customer retention techniques, and provide you with insight to help you determine if an app will be a good fit for your business.

Mobile website versus mobile app

SMEs often ask if they need a mobile app if they have a mobile-friendly website. A unique aspect of mobile marketing is that websites and apps are not an either/or proposition. Mobile websites and apps can work together to reach a brand’s marketing objectives and further their revenue goals. The functionality of a mobile website and mobile app will work well together to generate customer engagement.

Your mobile website may be a better tool for attracting new customers, while an app can better cultivate customer loyalty. Your website will also be more responsive to search queries, while an app offers greater ease of use and encourages more engagement.

So, what’s in it for your business? There are a couple of reasons why you should consider creating a mobile app.

1. Gain better connections with customers

Rather than limiting your mobile presence, you can utilise both platforms to work in tandem to help improve the customer journey. You can use your mobile website to attract new customers and then convince them to download your mobile app. After all, customer service isn’t just about face-to-face communication. You can nurture your relationships with your customers and boost engagement by developing a strong mobile presence. With a mobile app to work alongside your mobile website, you can create a highly personalised shopping experience that your customers will appreciate.

2. Improve your services and add value to customers

A mobile app is a platform that allows you to provide a level of value your customers can’t get anywhere else. For example, creating a loyalty program within your app can be used to discount items your customers already want or need. Plus, it’s an efficient way to solidify your customer retention techniques. When customers see their points adding up, they’ll be more likely to make future purchases and stick with your brand.

3. Increase profits

As you invest in the development of a mobile app to improve your services, your customer satisfaction may increase. When this happens, sales will naturally improve too. Remember, a customer’s buying experience is highly dependent on how you treat them and how they feel. Mobile apps can influence that.

Would a mobile app benefit your business?

Mobile apps offer a variety of benefits, but those benefits won’t necessarily apply to every business. If you’re considering a mobile app for your small business, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Will your mobile app address a real problem your customers face?
  • Will it engage with users?
  • Will it provide a fun and productive experience that reinforces your brand?

These may seem like simple questions, but if you answered, “yes” to each one, you need to consider whether the development of a mobile app aligns with your business goals and how it can realistically meet your customers’ expectations. While it’s easy to get caught up in the mobile app hype, you don’t want to create one that doesn’t solve any real problems or interest your customers.

The consensus

Mobile apps are here for a reason. Consumers continue to migrate to mobile apps, which is why so many companies today plan to increase investment in mobile app development. However, creating a mobile app for your business is not a miracle cure for any shortcoming. If you’re creating one just for the heck of it, without any real purpose, don’t be surprised if it becomes a sunk cost. While an app alone may not be enough to take your business to the next level, creating one can help you expand your reach and build deeper relationships with your most loyal customers.

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