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Most business owners join Bartercard for the business benefits, and then stay for the business AND lifestyle benefits!

Yes, Bartercard can have an incredibly positive impact on your business. Members utilise the Bartercard global network to attract new customers to their business, sell off excess stock (at full price) and increase their cash flow – both in trade dollars and through the cash economy.

They expand their business networks locally, nationally, and globally and enjoy the choice of where, when, how much and how often to do business with other Bartercard members. But the flexibility doesn’t end there.

With the focus on using Bartercard to grow their business, it can take a while for some members to tap into the enormous benefit that Bartercard can add to their lifestyle. Once they do, they open a whole new world of possibilities!

Here are a few ways members are spending their trade dollars (instead of cash) to enjoy some of life’s pleasures along the way.


Bartercard has a dedicated team who can help plan and book your travel, accommodation, and holiday activities. Now the Trans-Tasman bubble has opened, there’s even more scope to put your trade dollars to good use with amazing holiday packages on offer. When International travels reopens, the sky is literally the limit!

Closer to home, you’ll find plenty of weekend getaway destinations where most of your trip can be covered using trade dollars. How good to be able to have some much-needed time out, knowing it’s not eating into your cash reserves?

As well as romantic spots to run away with your partner for a couple of days, you’ll find the Bartercard directory full of holiday ideas for the whole family – from 4WD adventures through to fun times in Taupo or Queenstown.

Dining out 

Everyone enjoys taking time out of their business to catch up with friends and family. It comes at a cost of course and usually that means spending your hard- earned cash. With Bartercard member cafes and restaurants across the country, you can use your trade dollars instead and keep that cash in your business.

Take the family out for dinner, have Sunday brunch with a friend or catch up with a colleague or client for a mid-week business lunch. Many restaurants even accept larger groups or function bookings on Bartercard – a perfect opportunity for a staff celebration.


Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, a little pampering goes a long way! Anything from a trim at the barber, to a remedial massage, nails or brows, waxing or tattooing, Bartercard pretty much has you covered. Let’s face it, you need to spend money to look this good, right? So why spend cash when you can use your trade dollars? That way you can look good in the mirror AND in the eyes of your accountant as well!!

Health and wellbeing

It’s important to also take care of yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally. The Bartercard directory includes dentists and dieticians, physiotherapists and personal trainers, hypnotherapists and herbalists, naturopaths and nutritionists and many more. Some offer their services online or through video chats, so you can access them no matter where you live.

Family activities

Depending on where you live (or where you holiday) you can have a whole lot of family fun by spending your Bartercard Trade Dollars instead of cash. The directory is filled with adventures such as go-karts, laser games, bowling, horse riding, 4WD tours.

Around the home 

You’ll be amazed at what members have to offer that can help free up your time and your cash!

Throwing a party? Have it fully catered through one of the talented Bartercard members. Book the entertainment and photography using your trade dollars. You can even have someone clean it all up afterwards!

When it comes to home furnishings, you could decorate your whole house with what’s on offer through Bartercard. Not to mention the more essentials around the home such as car servicing or detailing, handyman work and painting.

The little extras

Bartercard allows you to tick things off your bucket list that you might otherwise put on hold until you had some ‘spare cash.’ If you’re like most business owners, every bit of cash that is spare goes straight back into your business. So why not splurge a little by spending your trade dollars. After all, it’s the little things in life that make it more memorable.

Find out how businesses in your industry are using Bartercard to expand their income and their lifestyle.

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