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brand awareness

Smiling portraits against man using map app on phone

Innovative Ways to Attract New Customers

Attracting new customers can be challenging and costly and often requires multiple forms of marketing.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to attracting new customers.  If cash flow is tight, it pays to research and find alternative ways…
May 13, 2024
Young businessmen and women meeting and brainstorming on brand ideas

The Importance of Building Brand Authority

Building brand authority has emerged as a powerful strategy to establish credibility, trust, and influence within the market. Where consumers are discerning and competitive industries thrive, brand authority plays a pivotal role in differentiating businesses and fostering long-term success. What…
November 8, 2023
Business rebranding concept image featuring wooden cubes and a hand

Signs It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

Your company’s branding is the most valuable and forward-facing asset setting your business apart from competitors. Brand identity is created through various visual elements and verbal language to identify and distinguish the brand in the buyer’s eye. However, you need…
February 1, 2022
B2b networking vector graphic of two people shaking hands with increasing profit graphs in background

Market Research Techniques for B2B Businesses

Without market research, you have no way of knowing who your customers are or what they want, making it one of the key ingredients to business success. But how does market research play into the world of B2B networking? As…
October 21, 2020
Woman working with notebook and laptop computer, writing content to get more customers

How to Get More Customers with Content Marketing

Content marketing is a valuable tool to grow your business. It should play an important role in your overall marketing strategy. Engaging, informative, and persuasive content helps you get more customers by providing them with the information they need to…
March 30, 2020