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Attracting new customers can be challenging and costly and often requires multiple forms of marketing.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to attracting new customers.  If cash flow is tight, it pays to research and find alternative ways to bring in new customers.

So why not consider Bartercard as part of your marketing strategy?  Bartercard is New Zealand’s leading trading platform, which can help you reach thousands of potential customers.  It also enables you to build relationships with other business members through networking to continue building your customer base.

When finances are tight, exploring alternative customer acquisition methods can be beneficial.

Capitalise Existing Resources

Regardless of how long your business has been operating, sustaining a steady stream of customers is paramount.  Relying solely on existing consumers isn’t sustainable, given the natural churn over time.  The quest for new customers is perpetual, with the ultimate goal of nurturing them into loyal advocates.  Establishing a robust customer base forms the foundation of a thriving business.

Harness the Power of an Online Presence

Building a strong online network should be the foundation of any free marketing strategy, and having other people share your brand simply because they want to can be incredibly powerful.  This goes hand in hand with networking and social media.  Regularly publishing great content is a great way to get your name out there without spending vast amounts of money.

Quality content aligned with your niche market resonates with potential customers, establishing your brand as an authority in the field.

Craft a Customer Acquisition Strategy

If you haven’t yet formed one, it’s time to understand your target market.  Pose fundamental questions about your ideal customer’s demographics, geographical location, needs, and preferences.  It’s pivotal to pinpoint what sets your offering apart from competitors and how to reach your audience effectively.  Regularly review your strategy, as needs can change over time.

Use Multi-Channel Marketing

Bartercard offers a structured approach to multi-channel marketing, essential for strengthening brand visibility.  While your business might excel in its offerings, effective marketing is crucial in gaining attention.  Bartercard’s comprehensive marketing plan encompasses directory listings, e-newsletters, direct mail, networking events, trade shows, and digital platforms like Marketplace and a mobile app.  Additionally, advertising opportunities within the Bartercard ecosystem extend your reach regionally and nationally.  As a member, you can promote your business in the cash market by advertising on one of the publications available on Bartercard.

Leverage Bartercard to Achieve Business Growth

Whether you are seeking to attract new customers or nurture existing ones, Bartercard can help boost your business and profits.  Bartercard’s bRewards program is another way to help you attract new business.  The bRewards program incentivises customer loyalty while rewarding businesses for referrals, fostering a mutually beneficial B2B network.

Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities available to your business through the Bartercard community!

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