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Businessman checking his mobile, exploring the best marketing blogs online

The Best Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2022

Following the best marketing blogs is a great way to keep informed and inspired, especially when establishing your own multi-channel marketing platform. Here, we look at our favourite marketing blogs and some of the most successful and distinctive strategies behind them. Explore…
February 1, 2022
Bartercard member texting on smart phone while answering emails

Three Helpful Tips to Prevent Email Overload

Emails are a necessary part of everyday business communication. They can also be a major distraction that eats up your time and negatively affects your productivity. With emails now on your phone, it’s even easier for your attention to be…
February 25, 2020

What are the phases of a business cycle?

A business cycle is the natural rise and fall of economic growth over a period of time. The cycle is a useful tool for analysing the wider economy, as the upward and downward fluctuations show variations in production, employment, wages,…
January 23, 2020

Learning to Say No in Business

Being in business usually means opening your doors to everyone, welcoming them in, building relationships and ultimately agreeing to do business together. Sounds simple, right? It can and should be. However, there are situations that can test you and one…
December 4, 2019

Understanding The Whole Financial Picture

Understanding the financial health of your business can be an extremely overwhelming task to get your head around. Unless you have a passion for figures then it’s an area that can cause a lot of frustration and stress. You may have…
November 18, 2019

Introducing Limits to Simplify the Role of Technology

Advances in technology have enabled us to extend our reach in both our business and personal lives. These advances have allowed businesses far more flexibility, empowering them to operate 24/7. Additionally, with social media and the likes of Skype and…
October 7, 2019