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Lifetime Dynamics is a consultancy business based in Melbourne, Australia.  With over 25 years’ experience, owner and founder Robert Borg is a business strategist who provides direction, guidance, motivation, and results. Whether it’s your career, sales, business or your own personal journey you need advice on Borg and Lifetime Dynamics have a proven record of success.

Robert became a Bartercard member in June 2008 to gain exposure and access to business owners who wanted to know how to develop and grow their business.  Over the years, he’s helped many businesses turn 10,000 trade dollars into $100,000 cash in less than 12 months!  He’s the man to help you achieve your goals.

We caught up with Robert and asked him about his experience being a member of the Bartercard exchange.

How is Bartercard an effective way to sell your service?

I find people in Bartercard are more open-minded and receptive to opportunities.  They’re keen to use their trade dollars when it comes to investing in their business as opposed to people who use just cash and perhaps are a little more reserved as they’re wanting to conserve that cash for other essential business expenses.

What are the biggest benefits you derive from Bartercard?

I have been able to offset 50% of the serviced office costs by using Bartercard which has allowed me to increase my cash flow by approximately $600/per month just in this one area.

How have you effectively used Bartercard to improve your business?

By setting up a game plan, I have been able to work the Bartercard platform to easily speak to business owners, present an opportunity and have them do business with me.  There are thousands of Bartercard members nationwide which really does open up all sorts of conversations whether it’s through promotions or networking events that are regularly put on, you just need to go after them.

What do you use your trade dollars for?

I use my trade dollars for business essentials, dining, and I’m currently in the process of purchasing a property so will use trade dollars as the deposit!  Bartercard allows for both business and lifestyle purchases which is a great balance for me and suits my requirements.

What is your most memorable Bartercard purchase?

I had a ducted heating and refrigerated cooling system installed in my property which was a hefty investment, so it was great to be able to use trade instead of cash!

If you’re keen to find out how Bartercard can benefit your business and lifestyle, contact us today for a free, no-obligation chat.

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