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The Design Project manufactures and imports bespoke furniture for interior residential designers, supplying indoor and outdoor furniture solutions for hotels motels, restaurants, campus’, from materials including timber, plywood, aluminum, steel, glass, and rattan.

Marg Farrell became a Bartercard member in July 2011 when a friend referred her to the network. In this member story, Marg tells us why Bartercard has proven so successful for her business.

Bartercard Member Story: Marg Farrell of The Design Project

“I praise the day I was referred to Bartercard from a friend of mine.  I had containers of furniture that I needed to sell from our NZ business as well as furniture from the Sydney business which we were closing.  Bartercard provided the perfect opportunity to do this; it’s efficient and such an easy way to increase sales.

Bartercard has been the making of our business.  If it hadn’t been for Bartercard when we were stock heavy, I’m not sure how we would have survived.  Selling excess stock on trade was the key success at the time and the additional extensive sales have allowed my business to thrive.

Being a member is the perfect way to grow and the sales have generated revenue that the business would not have had otherwise.  My Trade Broker has been superb and an enormous asset and benefit to our company.

There are so many advantages to being a member and it’s been easy to spend our trade dollars on business expenses such as telecommunications, printing, website design, flooring, electrical work, signage freight (which is a major component of our work), import customs broking, national and international accommodation, vehicle signwriting, car maintenance, tyres, entertainments, client gifts, staff bonus’, office furniture, catering, taxis, I.T. technical support, laptops…the list goes on.  And all the while, that’s saving valuable cash which can be used elsewhere!

It’s easy to get creative with your trade dollars too which is what the business has done. Trade dollars are used to reward staff and it makes up part of their remuneration package, so they get to reap the benefits too.

Bartercard doesn’t just stop at business; I also get to enjoy the benefits of the exchange by spending trade dollars on lifestyle purchases from hairdressing and jewelry to wine and clothes.”

Marg Farrell, The Design Project

Be the next Bartercard success story!

When we asked Marg what her most memorable Bartercard purchase or experience was, she replied: “There are too many to count, however holidays to Rarotonga staying in fabulous resorts are one of many highlights!”

Bartercard has approximately 24,000 members worldwide and works with businesses across almost every industry.  If you have excess stock to shift, Contact Bartercard to see how your business can benefit just like The Design Project has.

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