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As a small business owner, you know how challenging it can be to keep your business running every day, let alone stay on top of current trends. It’s important however to have your finger on the pulse, especially as we emerge through the other side of Covid-19 and head towards the goal of seeing the business world thrive again.

It’s certainly unsteady times and, as you know things can change overnight. The sooner you recognise and embrace the current business trends the sooner you can take advantage of the abundant opportunities they offer.

At first look, the following four trends may not seem that dynamic or for some, achievable, but implementing them into your business now can reap enormous rewards into the future.

1. Run an authentic business

Customers today demand authenticity. They see through cheesy sales pitches and shout-at-you specials. Instead, they seek out businesses that resonate with their values. When you present your brand in an authentic way, you give customers the opportunity to find you, follow you and buy from you.

Let your customer in on your mission, your vision, your values. Be bold, be brave, be genuine and share real stories through your socials. Tell your customers your ‘why’ and you will find they seek you out, stay with you and shout about you to their friends and family.

2. Works towards sustainability

There is no excuse in 2022 to run a business that is taking from the planet rather than giving back to it, or at least treading more lightly. Customers today are leaning towards businesses that are mindful of the resources they use, where they originate from and the impact they have on the planet. They will quickly jump ship and head to your competitor if you’re not practising sustainability.

It can be quite a process to move towards sustainability in your business… or it may take just a few small changes. To avoid being left behind, it’s important to start making that shift today.

3. Incorporate AI into your business

From quality assurance, security and staff scheduling to marketing and customer service, there are many ways today to take advantage of what Artificial Intelligence can bring to your business in 2022. For example, a simple ‘bot’ added to your e-commerce website or social media can save you time and money when answering enquiries and make the experience more streamlined for the customer too.

Look into ways your business can work smarter by implementing AI into your processes. Incremental changes can create massive improvements to your productivity.

4. Offer customers alternative currencies

You could be losing sales if you’re not offering consumers the opportunity to pay for goods with alternate currencies like cryptocurrency, digital currencies or trade dollars such as Bartercard. Cash is on the way out and alternate currencies are finally coming to the fore in business.

Many large businesses now accept cryptocurrencies, and trade exchanges have been successfully used by small businesses for decades. The more ways you offer for your customers to pay you, the more attractive and accessible you become.

Bartercard offers your business a new sales channel

While keeping ahead of current trends, remember not to lose sight of the basics. As well as offering an alternate currency to trade with customers globally, Bartercard can help you reduce your cash expenses, shift idle stock, fill up your vacancies and attract new business.

Bartercard provides a platform that guarantees extra sales for your business – on top of your cash customers. What would a ten to fifteen per cent increase in customers do for your business right now? As a Bartercard member, you tap into a whole new market of business customers, keen to spend their trade dollars with other member businesses, opening up a whole new sales channel.

Contact Bartercard today and have a chat about your business growth goals for 2022 and beyond.


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