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Undoubtedly, Bartercard can transform a business’ operations.  Members harness its expansive network to attract new customers, sell excess stock at full value, and increase their cash flow, both in trade dollars and cash.  However, beyond business, Bartercard opens up a world of opportunities to enrich a member’s lifestyle.

Here’s how members are using their trade dollars to enjoy some of life’s little luxuries, all while maintaining control over their cash.

Travel & Excursions

Book your next holiday to the Cook Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, or Thailand with Bartercard Travel, and pay using trade dollars.  Closer to home, you’ll find plenty of domestic travel options and weekend getaway destinations, whether it’s for a couple’s retreat or a family break.

Bartercard Search is full of ideas for accommodation and leisure activities.  Choose from 4WD adventures and horse riding in Queenstown or River Riders in Hamilton to Laserforce in Wellington, or rafting and kayaking in Rotorua.

Dining Out

Enjoy a meal out with family or friends.  With cafes, restaurants and bars across the country, you can use your trade dollars instead and keep that cash in your business.

Take the family out for dinner, have Sunday brunch with a friend or catch up with a colleague or client for a mid-week business lunch.  Many restaurants even accept larger groups or function bookings on Bartercard – a perfect opportunity for a staff celebration.


Indulge in a little “me” time or treat a loved one.  From grooming services to wellness treatments, Bartercard offers a range of indulgences.  Check out Bartercard Search for your next beauty treatment or heavenly massage.  You’ll also be able to access healthcare professionals and wellness services, including dental care, physical therapy, and nutritional counselling.

Home Comforts

Members can delegate household tasks and acquire furnishings and maintenance services through the Bartercard ecosystem, and in doing so, conserve time and money!

Let Bartercard help with the little extras

Bartercard allows you to tick things off your bucket list that you might otherwise put on hold until you had some ‘spare cash.’ If you’re like most business owners, every bit of cash that is spare goes straight back into your business.  So why not splurge a little by spending your trade dollars?  After all, it’s the little things in life that add up to the big stuff.

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