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Where’s one of the first places you look when searching for a local business? Facebook of course!

With more than a billion active users, it is certainly one area your business shouldn’t forget. Facebook has realised the potential it has to help foster great business relationships and encourage small business growth and has slowly been implementing changes that make it even easier for you to promote your services on this platform. A great presence on Facebook can engage your existing followers and help to generate more leads and new customers.

There are a few simple ways you can promote your business on Facebook:

Create a page

Facebook offers an easy to use page creation system that turns building a website into a thing of the past. On your page, you can interact with consumers or potential clients and build relationships with other businesses. Your page is a great way to showcase who you are. Everything from your profile picture and cover photo to your regular posts showcases who you are as a business and what you are committed to.

Create shareable content

In order to build followers, you need to create interesting content. Users who like your page will see your posts in their news feed where they have the option to share, like, comment or ignore. The more useful or engaging your content is the more likely your followers will be to share it. Short, visual posts are usually the easiest to share and generate the most interest and likes. Once your content starts to be shared and circulated across Facebook you will find yourself generating more page likes and possibly more conversions.

Make connections

Facebook offers you a “Build Audience” function which can help you find and invite your friends and contacts. Once you have built your initial connections, you can begin to grow your audience through traditional means as well. Place your Facebook URL on your business cards, wall signs or even on your car sticker to promote more visitors to your page.

Engage with your followers

Facebook allows you to be close and present amongst your consumers. Your accessibility can help to promote good relationships with consumers and build a great name for your brand. If you regularly strike up conversations with consumers or respond promptly to their queries they will be more inclined to share their experience with you, thus promoting your business.

Promoting your brand through social media pages are just one way of attracting new customers. For more ideas on how to expand your customer base, download our eBook Eight Ways to Attract New Customers.


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