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The world is forever changing, and attracting new customers in a market that’s louder, faster, and where consumers are more discerning, can be harder than ever. This is why we’ve written an eBook “Eight ways to attract new customers”. This blog features three of the eight techniques to implement to help you re-think your approach to attracting new customers while evolving your skills as a business leader.

Traditional advertising

Consumers have moved online and that has fundamentally changed the way that brands are reaching their customers. But traditional advertising – print, radio, TV, and billboards – are still considered among the best ways to attract new customers.

If you want your brand or business name to be known, you need to get it out there. The key is consistency and repetition – ‘Just do it’ by Nike has been used since 1988. ‘Got Milk?’ the famous American slogan by the California Milk Processing Board, started in 1993 (

These household brands have invested millions of dollars into making their message stick – just think how many times you watch an advertisement on TV before you see it enough to take action.


Content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO)

The best efforts in building a brand will require a combination of direct advertising and inbound methods, leading us to content marketing and SEO.

While traditional advertising continues to be at centre of selling a brand, consumer behaviour has changed and so successful companies have had to shift the way they reach their markets. A disruptive approach where advertising is put directly in front of the consumer, whether in a TV advertisement or on a billboard, is no longer the only way companies are reaching their markets.

Today, successful companies are focusing their efforts on inbound marketing, an approach focused on attracting customers through content that is relevant helpful to them (HubSpot, 2017). This is where content marketing has really taken off. In the past, content was the articles in newspapers or stories in magazines. Today it’s the copy on your website, blog posts, articles, videos, and eBooks; anything your viewers read, download or watch.

Like traditional advertising, consistency and repetition is key. Your brand should always be present in all the content that you create, as your customers consume content from multiple touchpoints.

Get talking

Finding partners that share similar markets to your business can leverage and expand your customer base. Strategic partnerships have been fundamental to many successful start-ups and the reasons are simple; complementing skill sets and a collaborative approach. A good partnership can give you access to market expertise, more leads and result in more value or appeal from a customer perspective. The best partnerships will leave both parties feeling like they are winners, and the key is finding the right fit.

What more tips like these on attracting new customers? We’ve created a free eBook; “Eight ways to attract new customers” which shows you how you can implement new ways to increase your market share, gain competitive advantage and achieve financial success. Download now.


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