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Choosing your employees

Once your business reaches new heights where taking on additional employees is necessary, you enter a whole different playing level. You are no longer one of the crew, you become the manager no matter how deeply you muck in with…
September 27, 2016

Why technology matters

Technology is a vitally important part of doing business, especially in this day and age. How you market your services, how customers interact with you, and how sales are made is often directly linked to how well you use modern…
June 21, 2016

Be the change you want to see

The day you've waited for is finally here. You've spent years in research and development and it's finally time to sit back and enjoy the spoils from your brand new amazing product. There’s just one problem: your customers hate it.…
June 14, 2016

Business best practice: learning to say no

Determining what is and is not okay when dealing with your employees, your customers, and your vendors can make or break your long-term success. Every business owner has his or her own comfort levels, but knowing how to set limits,…
June 7, 2016

The importance of a good plan when growing your business

Everything worth having, from the perfect wedding day to earning a university degree, requires careful preparation. Business plans provide a mission and a path for your company that can keep things moving in a forward direction. As a small business owner, effective planning…
June 1, 2016