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How does Bartercard work with your accounting system?

Business finances don’t need to be a complicated process. Bartercard makes it easy and straightforward to keep your finances on track, by fitting into members’ existing accounting systems without the hassle. This simple-to-use system means business owners can spend less…
April 12, 2017
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New Financial Year Resolutions

We've listed six new financial year resolutions to set up the best systems and practices in your business, encompassing digital, investing and budgeting. Start planning from day 1 Avoid the last-minute tax crunch and minimise the amount you have to…
March 30, 2017
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Why you need to be blogging in your business

Did you know that companies that blog have 55% more website visitors? (Hubspot 2015). If this isn’t evidence enough that blogging is essential in business, take into consideration that the evolution of the internet, smarter technology and instant access to…
October 18, 2016
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Choosing your employees

Once your business reaches new heights where taking on additional employees is necessary, you enter a whole different playing level. You are no longer one of the crew, you become the manager no matter how deeply you muck in with…
September 27, 2016