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Digitisation is vast and one that is forever evolving.  How do you leverage the upsides of digital? To help you, we’ve included five easy steps to get you on your way to digitising your business and help you get more customers and increase profits. Embrace data, capture leads and utilise the latest content distribution strategies.

Embrace Business Data

It’s important to analyse your data and know what the numbers mean.  Measure your website’s performance so you know what’s working and what isn’t.  Google Analytics allows you to analyse traffic to your website, shows you the performance of any campaigns you’re running so you can identify what resonates with your visitors and where adjustments may need to be made.  Another useful tool is Google Search Console.  This lets you check your site for search results, click rates and any errors such as broken links.  It also tests to see if Google can make sense of your content, which is essential when it comes to SEO.

Capture leads and convert them

An essential part of digitising your business is ensuring you have the right systems in place to not only attract traffic to your website but to then convert those leads into sales.  Using social media platforms can also be a cost-effective way of targeting your audience.  Make sure you provide something of value, such as an eBook, in exchange for their details.  Once you have their details, you can then market to them more easily.  Make sure you consider your budget – we recommend starting off small and review it after a couple of months.

If your leads aren’t converting, consider strengthening your call to action.  You may also want to simply your links with Bitly.  This allows you to post links cleanly which won’t impact the rest of your content.

Distribute Content Via Email marketing

Once you’ve captured your leads, you then need to consider how to convert them into paying customers.  You will need to connect with your market and build a rapport by engaging with your leads and customising content providing a solution to their needs.  You could include content such as blogs, benefits of your products and services, any special deals and value adds.

Increase Website Visibility with SEO

SEO is imperative when it comes to getting your product seen since 80% of consumers will search for products online.  There are two types of SEO; on-site which optimizes your website and existing content and off-site which links to other sources to help build your credibility and brand.  SEO is a complex topic and many businesses choose to outsource this area of expertise to an SEO agency.  However, you can help your SEO rankings by encouraging customers to leave online reviews as well as linking your social media posts back to your website.

Utilise eCommerce

Make it easy for your customers to transact by providing an eCommerce platform that automates everything as well as integrating customer support functionality.  You can choose from a whole host of platforms such as Shopify and Magento which provide everything a customer needs for a quick and easy transaction.  Just remember to test the platform from a user experience before going live!

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